Caps lose late again, 3-2 to Toronto

So let's talk about the ending. The Caps just lost 3-2 after leading 2-1 coming into the third period.

It's great that Alex Ovechkin scored again on the power play and for our own selfish purposes, it's fantastic that Joel Ward scored again. Wardwatch lives another day and we're all the better for it, every one of us.

It's great that the Caps were better on the penalty kill. They killed off all but one of eight penalties that all came in the first two periods.

But that third period.

That was bad.

It wouldn't have been so bad had the Caps not lost the previous game by the same score by giving up two goals in the third period.

You know, exactly the same way they did tonight.

The concerning part was that there wasn't some kind of response from the players.

They had been good up until the third.

That's a relative term. They were good compared to the other games they had played. There were still lots of bad clearances and the offense was stagnant but they looked like they cared.

Then something fell off and they started to stink.

That something might have been their own collective confidence that went down the tubes.

'One goal lead in the third, wonder how we're going to blow this one' is what was going through their heads.

What should have been going through their heads is 'we lost by one the other night and it was horrible because we definitely should have had it so let's play extra hard and not lose again.' 

They tightened up. Or they just kinda gave up.

Either way, press the panic button again. For the progress that the Caps seem to be making, it's one step forward and two steps back out of a fear of failure.


Eight freaking penalties.

At one point, Jason Chimera had a little over three minutes of time on the ice and six penalty minutes. He had the secondary assist on Ward's goal too.

That's real odd. Maybe even stranger was how well the Caps handled the penalties. Killing seven of eight ain't bad.

Getting that many is a huge problem.


This was a precursor to the last play, when Ovechkin fired just wide of the net.

He did a lap.

It's beautiful. Just let it run a while.


The mighty Joel Ward still leads all Caps in goals! Wardwatch is 12 days old!

Getting his fourth goal probably meant a little extra to the forward. His family was in the building, including his mom, who was wearing her son's jersey.

Ward should probably thank Mike Ribeiro for a nice assist (his seventh of the year) because the pass was perfect and left Ward with an easy shot.

And he should thank his mom for coming to the game in his jersey, and for being a hockey mom for years on years on years, and for a million other microscopic things that she has done to help him get to this point. And just because moms are the best.

Couldn't get the win this time, mom. We'll get 'em next time.