Breaking: Penguins Ownership Group Removes Ray Shero From General Manager Position

The Pittsburgh Penguins have officially released Ray Shero from his General Management duties on Friday, May 16.

In a striking contrast from what has been reported for two day, the Penguins did not remove any of the coaching staff. In a very strange and very brief pressing, Penguins President David Morehouse confused the media and the fan base in his explanation.

The Penguins have decided that the coaching staff will not be addressed until the new GM is in place. Once a GM has been hired, it will be his job to hire a coach or retain the group already in place.

Jason Botterill, the current assistant general manager, will take over as interim GM as the Penguins head into the draft period. He is also a candidate for the open GM position.

The press conference was so awkward that it took well over a minute of dead air before a reporter asked the first question. It took roughly four to five minutes before Tribune Review reporter Dejan Kovacevic to ask flat out “So Dan Byslma has not been fired?” 

The press conference revealed more than a few fatal flaws with the Penguins upcoming summer. While they are certainly ready to move on from Ray Shero, with Jason Botterill already a GM candidate within the organization, they have no idea what they can do with the coaching staff.

Pittsburgh has made a major mistake in not firing the coaching staff along with management. They now have a coach in limbo, a team in limbo, and a huge free agent period upcoming with no structure.

Clarity was needed towards the future direction of this club. Unfortunately, there is no clarity, there are only more questions.