Rumour of the Day: King out! Shanny in?

At the risk of sounding like Hockeybuzz’ self proclaimed source legend Eklund, I am going to throw out a rumour that might actually have legs behind it. Then again, it might just be a big load of BS.

According to someone within the Flames organization Ken King is set to resign/step down as President of the Calgary Flames, but staying on to consult on the new Saddledome, which is also scheduled to be announced in the next couple weeks.

King stepping down wouldn’t be a huge shock as the team has floundered for the past half decade and I’ve thought he has been on thin ice for a while.

What’s more interesting about this rumour, is the man who would replace King...current NHL sheriff Brendan Shanahan.

Apparently, Shanny would come in as the President/CEO of Hockey Operations.

During the lockout negotiations Flames Owner Murray Edwards, who was at the forefront of the negotiations, apparently spent a lot of time chatting with Shanahan over the lengthy time in New York and Toronto.

To add to this nonsense, Jay Feaster might be on the outs as well as the confidence from ownership is apparently pretty low.

Could Shanahan actually come in as the President/GM of the Flames?

Would Shanahan be a good fit to lead the Flames organization? He actually played the game, which would put him ahead of both Feaster and King.

Having said all this, I believe the King information to be realistic while the Shanahan news seems like a pipe dream at best.

Take it with a massive container of salt.

UPDATE: Shanahan and Ken King were just spotted in downtown Calgary heading into a meeting. Maybe this rumour isn't as far-fetched as once thought. 

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