Donovan Brooks, New Blogger For The Islanders At The Checking Line

Eruzione scores! And, another hockey fan is born. It's 1980 and The Checking Line's Donovan Brooks has just become a hockey fan.

Shortly after this, the Islanders win the first of their four straight Stanley Cups and my team was chosen.

Being an Islanders fan has its ups and downs, and this type of longevity demonstrates some serious loyalty.  I have stuck with this team through some exciting and often very crazy events. Hey, everyone remembers Spano!

I played hockey for a dozen years and it's my favorite sport, though certainly not the only one I like. I am a fan of all of the major sports in North America, but hockey is by far the best.

This kind of variety will allow me to bring some experience to my reporting while promoting an open mind set in the process. There will be favorites, but fairness will always be strived for.

Please join The Checking Line and I for interesting and (hopefully) thought-provoking Islanders news and discussion!

-Donovan Brooks

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Shane Blackburn's picture

welcome to the crew Donovan looking forward to working with you!

Donovan Brooks's picture

Thanks Shane! I'm excited to be here and I'm ready for the season to begin.

Mike Flannery's picture

Welcome aboard buddy! You obviously have the passion, can't wait to read your posts. Be well and enjoy!

Donovan Brooks's picture

Thanks Mike! I'm happy to be here!