Ranting on the Couch with Erol Bal

Just when you think they have a chance they completely fall flat on there face and break your heart, yes boys and girls these are our New York Islanders. Here is my weekly edition on all thing Islanders related. I am sitting on the couch with my iPad and with my house under going serious renovations; that's why this is not a video edition. But that doesn't mean we can't talk Islanders hockey!

So with the Islanders playing a pre-season game in Brooklyn, is it becoming clearer that Wang is smartening up and saying "Screw Nassau County?" Or Is this the boy who cried wolf again and Charles wants to work with Nassau County and the same people who have screwed him over since 2006? I personally would love to see something happen in Queens and maybe build in the old Shea Stadium or go to Bloomberg and propose your Lighthouse idea to the Iron Triangle (Flushing section). In the end I hope that this pre-season game becomes a sell out.

With the trade deadline approaching, how fitting is it that Mark Eaton scores a game winner? That means we now get a 3rd round pick instead of a 5th rounder for him. Many teams will be scouring for a bottom 6th dman veteran with playoff experience and Garth should seriously consider trading Eaton.

I am glad to see Rhett Rakhshani get called up from the Bridgeport Sound Tigers as well. There is something about this kid I like. He does not have the body but he plays hard and has no fear. I would love to see him up here more and maybe we can bench Brian Rolston because if there is one person who has done nothing and in fact been detrimental to the team this season it is Rolston. So thanks for the 5 million dollar cap hit and here is a front office job with the team because thats how Garth roles.

Even though we don't win many games the more I watch John Tavares play the more I feel optimistic. If this season does not end the Duchene/Tavares debate then your as clueless as the writer who said Tavares is marginally talented.

I am also glad Kyle Okposo woke up and realized he plays hockey and not figure skating. I feel if I play with JT I too can score 20 goals. I hope Garth can finally accomplish some trades and bring some talent to boost the squad. What are your thoughts as the deadline approaches? 

I am going to be compiling a long video blog so please send me your ALL NHL related questions. Enjoy the Super Bowl!!

-Erol Bal