The Downfall of DP And The Possible Rise From The Ashes

I just have a need to discuss Rick DiPietro. That would be because my daughter, a strong Isles fan, still supports this troubled netkeeper. I have tried to support the zero luck goalie from day one...where's Loungo these days? Nevermind.

DiPietro's reign as an Islander can kill you easily. The knees, the neck, the face, and countless other injuries over the last 4 or 5 years can make a fan sad, angry and relentlessly wanting and praying for his exit.

And many fans have wished ill upon him, and have despised this man; yet I have a soft spot in my heart for him. Mental Illness apparently....but who cares? Nobody in DP's mind.

I was saying that I must be the one with the illness, because I still care about Rick. I only wish the best for him, but he seams to be his own worst enemy; nightmare so to speak. It never gets any better for Rick.

Has this young man been knocked down a few pegs? Way more than a few, as we all know. The arrogant Rick is gone: this is a defeated man, not the confident guy we used to see.

To me, this is the epitome of riches vs. sadness. He has those dollars coming in, but money does not seem to be the issue; money does not make everyone happy.

In my eyes, he truly, truly wanted to be the goalie who would take the Isles to a Stanley Cup. He believed that, and so did the organization. Now he is the monkey on our back, costing us games we can ill afford.

And now, after he cleared waivers, he is in Bridgeport. I hate to report that he let in 5 goals on 12 shots in the first period vs. the Connecticut Whale. Tough first game in the AHL.

My daughter tells me he still can be that goalie, I have to believe her, right? Probably not Katie; it is not in the cards. I mean, he was pulled after the first period tonight in a minor league game.

Can Rick find his game again? Not likely, but one can hope

-Jane Fisher