Game Day : Habs @ Canucks

It's been a tough 2nd half of February if your a Habs fan, and tonight it's not going to get much easier. The Montreal Canadiens ( 31-22-7 ) continue to travel west to visit the league leading Vancouver Canucks ( 38-13-9 ).

Is it time to really panic? It could be. Is it time to flash sell some prospects? Depends who. It's a tough call, and honestly, I'm not sure anyone other than PG and J-Mart have much say in the matter. Regardless of what fans think of this duo, they are our duo. They're not going anywhere, and we need to start understanding that players that cannot play within our system ( as good as they may be in a different system) need to go. Question is, if they go, who do we bring in?

Habs vs Canucks is probably not going to be a great game to watch. Let's be honest. Habs fans will end up staying up late for what probably will be a disappointment. Yes, the Canucks are missing as much on their blue line as the Habs are, maybe more. But, they make up for their flaws with a great offense. If we cannot control the Sedin/Sedin/Burrows line, we're in for a long game.

No surprise with who's got the hot hands in Vancouver. Both Sedin's are atop the NHL's best list, as is Bobby Lu. While the Habs struggle with creating offense, rookie Max Pacioretty is tearing it up out there. Carey Price has slumped a bit recently, however I put no blame on this guy for anything this season.

Carey Price will most definitely be in nets tonight, while I'm not sure who will appear between the pipes for Vancouver. Luongo will most likely start, but I can see the Canucks' using Schneider in a game like this to give some rest to their #1.

With trade deadline just around the corner, Habs fans on Twitter are off the wall nuts with comments on what the franchise should do about the holes they have in their roster. Some think we should just give up on the year, some think we should fire sale some prospects, and a whole ton think somehow we can acquire players like Crosby/Malkin/Ovechkin and give up close to nothing. Personally, I think a subtle change could make the difference between a 1st round exit and a decent showing in the post-season. Not going to name names, but I honestly think a deal will be made between Edmonton and Montreal before the deadline has passed us. PG doesn't strike me as someone who will give up on the post-season while sitting in sixth place in a very competitive eastern conference. If that idea doesn't pan out, my prediction is a deal with Tampa. Again, not going to name names, but I'm not ruling out a certain someone heading to Montreal. Not Vinny. But to be 100% clear on where I stand, I don't think the Habs are in as bad shape as they seem to be the last two weeks. They have had some bad luck with injury, but can bounce back easily from this. Also, PK Subban deserves some honorable mentions from everyone in the league for what he's done recently. A closely watched 21 year old rookie, playing in one of the hardest markets in the world, has stepped up huge for his team. He is playing like a vet out there. Logging close to, or over, 30 mins a game. If it continues this way, I don't see why his name shouldn't come up in discussions about the Calder. Not saying he should win it, but he should be mentioned. For real though, all the speculation aside, it's truly remarkable what this kid is doing at the moment. If any Habs fans had doubt in PK, I really hope their opinions have changed. Hat's off to him for stepping up big.

Again this are all ideas with no credible source and theres about a 99% chance nothing will happen even remotely close to what I'm hoping for, but hey, a man can hope!

Game starts at 10:00pm and is being aired on RDS.


-Jason Pietroniro


George Prax's picture

While I agree with your assessment of PK Subban and the special things he's done, I'm worried about him playing nearly 30 minutes, and it doesn't matter how young or old he is. That's a lot of minutes for anyone to play and it's clear that he needs help. But the pool of significant d-men is starting to dry up.

Apparently the Habs have been feverishly shopping Kostitsyn, but no one wants him. Which is why it boggles the mind to see him get so many minutes, it's obvious he's not going to pick it up, so it's not showcasing to show how much he sucks. Habs definitely need a big name forward and they need it now. They'll barely squeeze into the playoffs again, yet alone be able to compete with anyone in the east.

Tonight's going to be messy. I don't even know how much of it I'm going to bother watching.

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Yeah definitely not a good thing he's playing 30+ mins a night. But something that deserves attention, IMO.

No idea what's going to happen for the Habs this trade deadline. AK might as well log 4th line minutes. I don't see why we don't move some draft picks though. I know the draft is important, but again, we have so many prospects in the system, missing one years 1st round wouldn't ruin us one bit.