Game Day : Habs @ St Louis

Sorta speechless this morning. Not sure what to think of tonight's game. As much as it's exciting to see a Price/Halak showdown, my mind still hasn't settled from the Boston game.

I just can't wrap my head around this one. I live my life trying to be consistent with everything I do. So why can't others? I'm trying to figure this one out, and maybe you can help me. Let's take a high sticking penalty. Let's break it down. If your stick hits a players face, in any situation (intended or not) you draw a two minute penalty. If that accidental high stick causes injury, you then get an additional two minutes. Something as simple as a speckle of blood will be considered an injury.

So let's apply that to what happened the other day to Max Pacioretty. Yes, it was not a head shot. Chara did not leave his feet. But he did interfere with a player (usually a two minute penalty) and caused injury, meriting a five minute major instead of a two minute minor, and then a ten minute game misconduct. So I understand the reasoning behind all of that. What I don't understand, is how he avoided any type of suspension.

Honestly though, let's think of it this way. Seven years ago, Todd Bertuzzi punched a fellow hockey player in the back of the head, resulting in Steve Moore falling to the ice with Bertuzzi on his back. Moore suffered a similar injury to Pacioretty. Bertuzzi was suspended indefinitely, and later, charges were filed against him by Moore. But why was Bertuzzi punished so much. He simply throw a punch at a player, usually a two minute penalty for roughing, no? I'm having trouble understanding why Bertuzzi wasn't given a five minute major for roughing because he caused an injury, and then a ten minute game misconduct ala Chara. I'm just trying to make sense of this. Bertuzzi did not mean to break anyones neck. He simply wanted to send a message. As did Chara. It's not what they wanted to do, it's what your "in the heat of the moment" decision results in.

A player needs to be responsible for his actions on the ice at ALL times. Earlier this season Mike Cammalleri was suspended three games for slashing a players skates. Sean Avery was suspended six games for his "sloppy seconds" comments, and F'IN James Wisniewski was thrown out two games for a BJ gesture. Just sayin'

Anyway, it's ridiculous. No point in even talking about it, nothing will come of it. I'm sure plenty will disagree with my views, but it's how I see it. As much as I love the Habs, I also really like the Bruins. Chara is one of my favorite players in the league, and he still will be after all this is settled. I just don't see how he is not being held accountable for his actions. If I push someone is it illegal? No. If I push someone in front of a train, is it still ok?

Moving on.

Jaro Halak, Carey Price. Cool match-up to say the least. I hope they are both the starting goalies tonight. Although I can see Jacques Martin starting Auld just to give Carey a rest. St Louis isn't the toughest of opponents, so watch for that to happen.

Who's hot? MAX PACIORETTY. Hottest Hab on the team.
St Louis : Stewart.

I'm not even going to mention injuries today.

Who cares about the rest. Better be a blowout by the Habs. Really wish this was a home game.

Starts at 8:00, being aired on RDS and TSN-HABSHD


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Like i told you I'm working on my own post but I agree with everything you said. You could have summed it up in three words you used:

"Anyway, it's ridiculous"


As for the game, it truly is a shame that we can't focus on it, because I think it had potential to be a classic. Can't think of anything other than Pacioretty but I hope Price and the boys win it for him tonight, and win it well like they did Tuesday (if you forget about the few seconds of the incident)

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I just hope that JM puts pouliot or DD on the line where Pac was. Not AK, want to keep him where he is producing.