Game Day : Habs vs Panthers

It's a storm in the city, and nothing is better than watching the Habs play after fighting to get home after work. Very excited for tonight's game, let's hope that there is no delays, like what happened with St Louis last night.

The Panthers (22-22-6) snowshoe into town tonight to face our beloved Montreal Canadiens. (28-18-5) Both teams played 65 minutes last night, and both ended up a shootout finish. Habs won, but the Panthers took a loss to the Toronto Maple Leafs. Both teams had good months before the All-Star break, and look only to improve in February.

While the Canadiens might have some injury issues, they hardly look short handed out there. Apart from the slow start in the first period last night, the Habs have stepped their game up since Cammalleri was sidelined. Mixing up their top 6 almost every game has seemed to be working. Hoping to see Gionta and Plekanec together again tonight, and a little more from AK46. He looks to be trying harder, but he just needs to find a little more confidence in his game.

Stillman has some hot hands for the Panthers; he's got 11 points in his last 10, while the Habs' Tomas Plekanec keeps his pace up with 9 point in his last 9 games.

Tomas Vokoun should get the green light for Florida. Chances are Carey Price will get the call as well. I'm hoping for Auld, but it's never an obvious choice with JM. These are an important two points, so I can see Price starting.

You know the injuries on the Habs. The Panthers are without Shawn Matthias and Bryan McCabe.

Puck drop should be at 7:30pm and is being aired on RDS.


-Jason Pietroniro


uncivilengineer's picture

I'd think Auld will get the start since Carey's going to need rest for the back to back games on Saturday and Sunday.

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I think Auld should start too. Looked kind of out of it at the beginning last night. But at the same time, the Habs had their "character builder" last night, now it's time for a blowout. The Panthers are a decent team but the Canadiens need a big win, they haven't had one in way too long.