Game Day : Habs vs Sabres

Habs are hot and cold like the weather is lately in Montreal. Will they be able to keep it up and grab a much needed two points tonight? Guess we'll have to wait and see. Let's take a look at what's going on with both these clubs.

In the last ten games(7-2-1) Buffalo has been playing some pretty convincing hockey. They've pulled themselves together and are making a legitimate run for the playoffs. Tonight's game means a whole lot as far as eastern conference standings are concerned. Not quite a 4 point game, but pretty close if you ask me.

Buffalo's Drew Stafford has been ridiculous lately. He's got 8 goals in his last four games, and has posted two hat tricks in 3 games. Thing is, Price has Buffalo's number this season. Posting a 1.33 GAA throughout the first 3 times these teams have met.

Habs have some hot hands as well. Gionta has begun another streak. Joining him are Pleks and Pac as usual. D.D , Pouliot and White have also built some chemistry on the Habs' third line, so look for the usual lineups.

Despite a weak game from Price last week against the Bruins ( in which I can't even blame the guy one bit ) , Carey has been close to amazing every night in net. This has been a great season for the young netminder and the entire city has to give him props for doing what he did. With all the BS that went on last year between him and Halak, and the media, and the fans, and the trade talk, Carey really stepped up in a big way. By far our season's MVP.

Buffalo will be playing without superstar Derek Roy as well as Steve Montador, who is out with a concussion. Haven't heard who is in, and who is out for the Habs yet, so I expect some updates in the comments below. Hall Gill? Heard nothing yet.

Will Miller get some rest tonight? Not sure about that either, but I've read a few blogs saying it would be a perfect game for him to take off. He's started over 30 games in a row.

Game starts at 7:30pm and is being aired on RDS and TSNHABS-HD


-Jason Pietroniro


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I'm gonna go 3-2 Habs loss here, probably in a shootout.

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George Prax wrote:

I'm gonna go 3-2 Habs loss here, probably in a shootout.


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Habs call up Brendon Nash... looks like Gill may be out longer than expected.

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Thanks for the updates Prax.
Tough loss in losing Gill. people will notice a change in defense. Maybe will warm up to the idea of the gentle giant being a big part of our team.
Still can't get over the highway robbery that was last nights Versteeg trade. To best part is a lot of Toronto fans are happy to see him go! So odd.

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You thought he was worth more than that? Frankly I think he's worth less, a 2nd and a 3rd, but with the quality of the draft and the fact it will likely be the 29th or 30th pick it's pretty much spot on.

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Regardless of what picks he went for, it's the worth of the pick that defines it for me. Philly doesn't NEED a pick, and they actually turned a pick into a 3year young proven goal scorer. Who has no problem playin a bottom 6 position with great PK ability. Versteeg on the third line defines depth. Great move by Philly, perhaps also by Toronto. Burke just needs to admit defeat. Stop being the Panthers and try to rebuild and make the playoffs. Doesn't work. Unless your the Habs Wink

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Perhaps=Maybe they'll draft something better than Versteeg.