Where Are They Now? John Spano

In 1996, a 32 year old Dallas, Texas businessman John Spano reached an agreement to purchase ownership of the New York Islanders. His time as owner was short due to an illegal, fradulent run as owner of the team.

Instead this week of profiling a player and what they’re doing now, I encourage every reader of The Checking Line to make the time and watch “Big Shot” the documentary on ESPN’s 30 for 30 series produced by longtime Islanders fan and actor Kevin Connolly. This documentary aired on Tuesday October 22nd on ESPN but you can click here to read more and find video on this interesting piece.

No spoilers but any Islanders fan who watches this will learn something from it and realize that it isn’t as easy as it might be to own a professional sports franchise. John Spano speaks on this situation throughout the documentary.

-John Santamaria

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