Canucks Lead Final 2-0

Alex Burrows may just have willed himself into Conn Smythe consideration. The pesky winger, who has come under scrutiny in the hockey world for his nibble on the finger of Bruins forward Patrice Bergeron, had two goals, including the overtime winner as the Canucks beat the Boston Bruins 3-2 to take a 2-0 series lead.

It won't go down as the Canucks prettiest game, but it had all the elements of a classic. Lead changes, pretty goals, outstanding goaltending, and bone crunching hits highlighted a spirited affair that saw the two teams combine for 63 shots.

It started with Alex Burrows whipping a shot on the powerplay from the left faceoff dot, which found a hole under Bruins goaltender Tim Thomas' arm for the 1-0 lead. It was Burrows 8th of the playoffs and undoubtedly it was a goal Thomas would love to have back.

However, the Bruins were unfettered, with East Vancouver native Milan Lucic scoring his 4th goal of the playoffs, just squeaking a low shot under Canucks goaltender Roberto Luongos left pad.

The Bruins kept coming, and with Aaron Rome off for holding, Mark Recchi deflected the puck past Luongo for the 2-1 lead.

However, the Canucks struck back, with Daniel Sedin tying the game with less than ten minutes to play after outwaiting Thomas and then placing the puck just inside the post for his 8th of the post season.

That set the stage for Alex Burrows who has been absolutely clutch in overtime games this season. He took a Daniel Sedin bank pass, went around the net, briefly lost the puck, recovered and shot the puck past an out of position Thomas for his second of the game. It took all of eleven seconds to happen, sending Vancouver into a frenzy. I should know; I was on Granville street when it happened. Talk about crowded!

Note: Kevin Bieksa took a slash from Rich Peverly, and remained on the ice for about a minute. He skated off on his own power and did not miss a shift. Manny Malhtora played his first game since March. He had just over seven minutes of ice time and was an even rating.

Game 3 goes Monday at 5.


Chuck Gaston Jr's picture

He should have been suspended, but he played fantastic and Claud didn't make any excuses. Chara needed to just drag him down behind the net instead of letting him just pull around.
That slash just hit the spot in the leg where it literally knocks your leg dead. It never happened to me in hockey, but I got hit from behind in football there and my leg just wouldn't move.
Overall Boston could be up 2-0 as well so they shouldn't be too down on themselves. It has only been two years since a team went down 2-0 and then came back to win the cup so this could still get very interesting.

Jonathan Szekeres's picture

It's always tough to comment on disciplinary situations when it's your team, because you never want to look biased. However, I don't think it's a suspension. If Bergeron doesn't want his finger bit, then he shouldn't be sticking his hand inside Burrows' mouth. I think if this is the regular season he gets 1 game maybe, but this is the cup final. It would have to be something pretty bad to get any suspension based on whats at stake here. You would have to think that 1 game in the cup finals equals three regular season games

George Prax's picture

That's all I have to say about this game. I miss Lappy and I will be happy when he lifts the cup following game 5.

pcard29's picture

Here is a simple fact: If you don't want your finger to be bitten, don't place it in another human beings mouth. Bergeron isn't exactly Mr. tough guy and if he wants to mix it up in scrums and leave it at face washing then he may be subjected to the odd chomp.

George Prax's picture

Facewashing is worse than biting fingers. I don't know if anyone did this when they were kids, but when my older cousins used to torture me and cover my mouth so I couldn't scream, I'd lick their palms, and they knew it was fair game. Same applies here. Fashwashing is the most annoying thing in hockey and I'm surprised it doesn't cause more injuries/illness. Lord knows I don't want a dirty sweaty glove in my face.

Chuck Gaston Jr's picture

I was actually just trying to get under the writers skin about the situation, I dont really care if he was suspended. It wasn't a suspension worthy offense, just ruffling feathers here. I would agree with him.

George, I hate Lapierre! How can you like him? He is a spitting image of Sean Avery. Always flopping, pulling stupid crap, ahhhhhh the guy gets under my skin so bad. He isn't real dirty, just a dirtbag haha.

George Prax's picture

Just like Avery, if he was on your team you'd love him too. And Lapierre was on my team.

Chuck Gaston Jr's picture

Recchi gets revenge haha.

George Prax's picture

But the Bruins don't do that kind of thing bro, it's not part of their game.