Does Wellwood have the right?

Recently, former Canuck Kyle Wellwood has been a hot topic around the city of Vancouver. He's insinuated that the Canucks were playing like they were afraid to lose, something Kevin Bieksa took offense to. He responded by calling Wellwood a "weasel" and saying that the Canucks were afraid to lose when Wellwood was in Vancouver, because he was one of the smallest third line centers in the league.

The question to be asked is, does Kyle Wellwood have the right to be spouting off like this when he didn't even have a contract when the NHL season started?

I have no problem with players trash talking. I think it injects excitement into what are dull days waiting for the playoff games to begin. I think it shows a little character for the players, something NHL skaters lack at times. But does a puny, five goal scorer who doesn't hit or fight really have the right to be trash talking the Presidents trophy winning Canucks? When you look at it, mostly the biggest trash talkers on a team will be the fighters, or the pesky grinders.Think Ryan Kesler last year, Alex Burrows, or guys like the recently deceased Derek Boogard. Boogard once likened the Sedin twins to "Pinky and the Brain", and I had no problem with it, because I knew that Boogard could back his play up with his fists. Can Wellwood? (Suppressing laughter) This guy can be a non factor most nights, because when he isn't scoring, well, he isn't doing anything, except maybe winning faceoffs.

So I ask you, fellow bloggers of TCL, does Wellwood really have the right? Considering someone else is going to have to protect him when he skates his pudgy ass onto the ice, I'd say HELL no.


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I hate the Canucks but Wellwood should thank a higher power for every minute he's allowed to play in the NHL

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No offense Jon but you sound a little bitter here. The exact quote from Wellwood was back in March:


“I just feel Vancouver has a few more lessons to learn and I’m glad I’m in San Jose. I just feel [the Sharks] are more mature because they’ve lost a few more times. They’re not so scared of losing. I think come playoff time this team is going to be better.”

I can't find what Kesler said in response, but that was in March. The other day Wellwood followed this up with kind words for the Canucks, so I don't know what the issue here is. I don't think he was being malicious. And I don't really understand why you bring up that they won President's Cup, it literally means nothing unless you get to the finals (see: Washington Capitals), not to mention they're playing the team that was right behind them. Moreover, why does whether he fight or not dictate whether he can talk to the media? I find this excuse completely ridiculous and one of the reasons why there's such a lack of respect in the league and why headshots are running rampant.

Wellwood's been a key factor in the Sharks two series wins this year, all you have to do is look at his stats to know he's made an impact. He's a good hockey player who got the short end of the stick last summer, and he's proving himself now thanks to the Sharks, who picked him up off waivers. So, because he's not a superstar or a fighter he's not allowed to express his opinion? Because the Canucks did slightly better than the Sharks in the regular season? Baloney. They're both in the conference finals now, they've both gone through adversity, so it doesn't matter what they did in the past or frankly what Wellwood said two months ago.

I guess we'll see what happens on the ice. In my opinion, Wellwood's going to have the last laugh.

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Wellwood has every right to say what he wants. He's been very good throughout the playoffs and I agree fully with him. I think the Sharks have WAY more experience in situations like these. And Vancouver WAS playing scarred against Chicago, how could they not? Compare it to San Jose against the Red Wings, the Sharks had much more poise in their loses than Vancouver did (both were down 3-0). The Sharks looked like it was just a matter of time before they won, the Canucks were gripping their sticks. The bigger question is why Bieksa thinks he can call people whatever he wants? Wellwood was going off some facts, Bieksa called him a weasel. That's contractictory in my books.

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The funny thing is that he didn't even say they were playing scared, he said that they WEREN'T playing scared. At least from the quote I found (in my comment above)