Where are the fans?

The Vancouver Canucks are in the Stanley Cup Final so everything is sunshine and roses here in Vancouver. However, I do want to get one last thing off my chest before the Canucks embark on the most important hockey in franchise history. Where the hell are the fans? Not technically, I mean. You can't find a ticket for a Canucks playoff game-they're consistently sold out. However, you would think that with a house full of people, it would be louder. Much louder.

The Canucks are supposed to have home ice advantage throughout the playoffs, but most nights the crowd is so quiet that it isn't really an advantage at all.

I don't mean when the Canucks take the ice for the first time, or the Canucks score a goal. Come on, of course the place is going to be loud then. I mean when the Canucks are trailing, when they need a boost more than ever, the crowd becomes flatter than Taylor Swift.

Think all teams are like that? Take a look at the San Jose Sharks - A SUNBELT TEAM - whose fans were loud every time the Sharks took the ice. When the Canucks scored? There was a pregnant pause in the cheering, but soon after the crowd was riling their team up, showing support by sticking beside them. I can't remember the last time the Canucks fans did that.

One reason that the fans are so horrible could be ticket prices. Prices are so high that not ever average joe can afford them. Therefore, the crowd is full of businessmen texting on their blackberrys all night, not concerned with the game at all. I don't know if I buy that.

What I do buy is that it's time for Canucks fans to get off their asses, and cheer no matter what. For God's sake, you ignorant pricks, you're one of two teams competing for Hockeys ultimate prize.

Show a little backbone.

Rant finished.


George Prax's picture

I think there's definitely a bit of a "Toronto" factor going on there with corporate seats and such. I heard finals tickets are as high as 2 grand on some sites and that's definitely steep, even for the Stanley Cup final. Maybe it's just the nervousness? It's definitely weird.

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A lot can have to do with corporate seating like you said. Not knocking the Rangers, but the Garden used to sell out or come close to it during some of their worst years because MSG has so many sponsors and corporate partners.

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It's the same in a lot of cities. Like I mentioned in Toronto. Many games, especially on weekdays, the lower bowl can be nearly empty during the 1st period because of all the corporate types. It's similar but not as bad in Montreal too.