Wheels Come of the Blues' Bus in the Third

I am a superstitious fan. A very superstitious fan. I will wear the same lucky shirt under my suit at work every game day until my team loses. And then I’ll move on to the previously lucky shirt if they lose. I will sleep in a different shirt on other game nights. I will watch games from the same seat during hot streaks. And these are the superstitious actions I’m willing to divulge.

But, during cold losing streaks, I’m like a ship lost at sea. Why am I telling you this? Because I didn’t want to write another blog until they won. Since I started here, the Blues have lost five in a row. After I nearly crowned them Stanley Cup champions in November, they’ve hit the skids. And my superstitious nature has made me feel like it’s partly my fault. It’s not, I know that, but at the same time, no one can deny that right now the St. Louis Blues look like a ship lost at sea.

The Blues dropped a big game last night 7-3 to division rival Detroit. In the first, they gave up the first goal, a ridiculously fluky play where Halak batted the puck into his own net after making a routine save. In all my years of watching hockey, I have never seen a goal scored like that. The Blues looked to have put that behind them though, quickly tying it up less than two minutes later. They then took the lead in the second period after Brad Winchester picked up a power play goal. Unfortunately, they coughed up the lead and then had to play catch up hockey. Andy McDonald managed to tie up the game late in the second and the teams went into the second intermission tied at 3.

And then, continuing the transportation metaphors, the wheels came off the bus in the third period. After keeping things close during the first half of the final frame, they gave up four goals in less than four minutes. Detroit took advantage of two consecutive Blues’ penalties, potting goals on both powerplays. And now the Blues are losers of their last five. Halak has not looked like the impenetrable fortress he usually is and the Blues aren’t getting the key secondary scoring that often separates teams on any given night.

Fortunately, they get right back at it tomorrow night against the woeful Senators. The Senators are coming off of two shellackings themselves, one at the hands of the Flyers and last night to the Carolina Hurricanes. Tomorrow night’s contest should be a dandy as both teams look to right their respective ships.

Blues Player of the Game: Again, it’s Andy McDonald. He had a goal and two assists and got in on all three Blues' goals. He’s been playing inspired hockey as of late.

Looking Forward To: seeing if McDonald and Boyes can keep up the scoring. Without much help from the bottom six, it’s critical that they continue putting pucks in the net. Additionally, the Blues are giving up goals in droves (29 goals in their last five losses). Can they plug the leak?

This will be my last blog until after Thanksgiving. I’m actually headed to St. Louis to visit family. It should give me a good opportunity to watch the games and get some local insight while I’m there. Hopefully, I’ll be recapping four victories and creating new superstitions. Please check back after the holiday!

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Trust me, you weren't the only one who thought they would be cup contenders. Lots of people were picking them to win the West. but they'll turn it around.

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i turned on the game last night, right before halak sprung a leak and gave up 4 in short order, so i'll take some superstitious blame. i won't watch a second of the blues until they win again. how's that?

go wash your clothes. i can smell the reeeeeg from here. Tongue