Game 28 : Habs vs Sens

Has to be a quick one this morning guys. Made an offer on a house yesterday and my mind is spinning!

The up and down Sens (12-14-2) roll into Montreal tonight to face the hot Habs. (17-8-2) The Habs have won their last two, while PK Subban has been a healthy scratch.

Pascal Leclaire should get the start in nets tonight for the Sens, as Brian Elliot is listed as day to day. Carey Price should get the start tonight as well, he's been hot all season and doesn't seem to be slowing down. Let's hope he doesn't get burnt out with his new workload.

Hot hands for the Habs have been their 3rd line. Darche, Eller, and Pouliot have been providing a ton of secondary scoring for the Canadiens this season. While in Ottawa, they're still looking for someone to break out. Alfie had a great start to the season but he has cooled off lately.

Should be an interesting one tonight. We tend to have trouble with the Sens. However, tonight I think we will make it three in a row. Ottawa is having some trouble with their goaltending, still can't find a starter. Leclaire has played well, but only has 2 wins on the season. No predictions tonight. We'll have to wait and see.

Enjoy the game guys! Sorry for the rush!

-Kathryn Pateridis