Report: Shane Doan Offered $7.5 Million Per Year

A report out of Phoenix is saying that Coyotes' captain Shane Doan has been offered a $30 million contract over four years by an unidentified Eastern Conference team. The cap hit for the deal would $7.5 million for three or four years. From Pro Hockey Talk:


If the report is accurate and Doan accepts, his cap hit will be $7.5 million. And given he’s 35 years old, that cap hit will be there all four years, even if Doan retires before the contract expires.

Of course, Doan hasn’t accepted any offer yet, and he’s always said his first preference is to stay in Phoenix. But if he has to move, he would want to stay in the Western Conference.

A Western Conference move should put the Detroit Red Wings more into the mix than Eastern teams, but if the price is going to be that high, there is no way he is coming to Hockeytown.

Doan is a good second line player, and possibly could play on the top line with Pavel Datsyuk, but for a reasonable price. A $5 million contract for a few years isn't that bad, but a long term deal would tie a team's hands because of the 35 and over rule.

If a player is over 35 years of age and signs a contract, the cap hit is carried out for the whole length even if the player retires. So if Doan signs any contract, his cap hit stays for the whole time. A comparable would be Brian Rafalski; when he signed with Detroit in 2007, he was only 34, and so when he retired a year before his contract was up, his cap hit was not counted and the Red Wings had an additional $6 million to work with.

This reported offer is clearly not what Doan wanted, but what it might take to pry him away from the Coyotes to the Eastern Conference. If he wants to win, then Detroit is a good option. He knows it's a classy organization, so let's wait and see. The Shane Doan Sweepstakes are picking up.

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George Prax's picture

If someone actually gives Shane fucking Doan that much money, then the owners don't deserve any concessions from the PA. Seriously, they complain about money problems, and then someone goes and offers Shane Doan $7.5M? I have a hard time believing this rumor but I sort of want it to be true. The PA is going to take the league to the cleaners during these negotiations.

Andrew Schopp's picture

A team that needs to get younger throwing that much at a 35 year old? Bad medicine.