Final NHL Standings- Projections

Late last night, I think it’s fair to say, I became infatuated with the current NHL standings. For fun I decided to try out my skills as a predictor. An hour or two later I developed a formula to project each team’s final point total, taking into account games remaining, current points, recent winning trends and much more. Although I can’t share the ‘secret’ formula I will share the results.

Follow up:

Eastern Conference Points Western Conference Points

1 Washington Capitals 111 1 Vancouver Canucks 115

2 Philadelphia Flyers 102 2 San Jose Sharks 107

3 Boston Bruins 102 3 Chicago Blackhawks 103

4 Montreal Canadians 98 4 Detroit Red Wings 99

5 Pittsburgh Penguins 97 5 Dallas Stars 99

6 Tampa Bay Lightning 95 6 Los Angeles Kings 98

7 Buffalo Sabres 92 7 Calgary Flames 95

8 New Jersey Devils 90 8 Anaheim Ducks 93

9 New York Rangers 84 9 Phoenix Coyotes 91

10 Carolina Hurricanes 83 10 Minnesota Wild 87

11 Toronto Maple Leafs 79 11 Nashville Predators 86

12 Ottawa Senators 79 12 St Louis Blues 82

13 New York Islanders 77 13 Columbus Blue Jackets 80

14 Atlanta Thrashers 76 14 Edmonton Oilers 65

15 Florida Panthers 69 15 Colorado Avalanche 63


Glen Miller's picture

Wow, you have the Devils, 8 points behind the Rangers (though with 2 games in hand), not only passing NY but doing it by 6 points? That's 24 points in 15 games? That would give them 68 points in the second half of their schedule. I just don't think they maintain that pace.

The Rangers should earn better than 10 points in their final 13 games. Everything else looks feasible I suppose. I just can't see NJ continuing on their torrid pace for the rest of the season.

Kyle Andrew Busch's picture

I can't believe you have Detroit at only 99 points. They've hit 100 for like 10 straight years or something like that. The fact that Chicago passes them probably won't happen either. And San Jose with 107? That means they win almost 75% of their games from here on out. Tampa will finish ahead of Montreal for 4th I think. I think you formula took Detroit and Tampa's recent skids too heavily.

George Prax's picture

Ugh oh. This is going to make a lot of people angry Tongue

Matt Reed's picture

Hey don't look at me hahah it's all mathematical no opinion in those numbers

nowhere's picture

Even if Detroit continues to play 0.500, they're still going to end up with 103 points. I'm not angry at all, but I'd like to know what factors are behind the "math".