Vancouver Canucks Quarter Mark Reviews: Henrik Sedin

The Vancouver Canucks’ hockey season is about a quarter of the way through and that means it is the perfect time to do player reviews. It has often been said that the twenty game mark is when General Managers and coaches begin looking at the roster for possible moves and improvements. For bloggers, like myself, it is no different. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be working my way through the Canucks roster giving a review for each player. Next up is Henrik Sedin.

I’ve got to give Henrik a lot of credit. He has been the better Sedin as of late and he really isn’t showing signs of slowing down. With 7 goals in 20 games to go along with 22 points and a +6 rating, Henrik has been solid in every area of the ice. Remember, he has more goals than Daniel right now and that’s sure to breed some competition between the two guys.

Henrik is one of the toughest players in the league and he shows it every night. The brutal physicality teams put out against him every night is gruelling to watch. Hank doesn’t just watch it, he plays through it while being one of the league’s premier offensive threats.

One thing to note this season is that while Henrik has 15 assists through 20 games this season, Daniel only has 6 goals. This isn’t a trend that is very familiar to anyone who follows the Canucks. When Hank puts up the assists, typically Daniel is potting the goals. The real question is who are these assists going to? Henrik is the guy leading the team in goals. Now we’ve all heard about “spreading around the offense,” but did it mean this?

Henrik needs Daniel just as much as Daniel needs Henrik and right now it’s Danny that needs Hank. Despite leading the team with 24 points, Danny hasn’t been the player we all know and love. If you read my previous blog on Daniel you’ll see my opinion on that matter. Henrik needs to focus on his game with Daniel. He shouldn’t put too much pressure on himself as captain. His game is what makes him one of the premier playmakers in the game of hockey. Now, it’s his turn to set up one of the premier goal scorers.

Hopefully in time Henrik will begin to find Daniel and things will go well. The effort and work ethic is there but the pretty plays to Daniel aren’t. In time, fans should fully expect Hank to get back into the form that saw him take Art Ross and Hart home two years ago.

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