The Vancouver Canucks: A Tale of Two Teams

Just when you thought the Canucks were about to turn a corner, they went out and laid an egg against the Minnesota Wild.  Last night's tilt was one of the ugliest I've seen in a long time. 

When the goaltender is the best player in a 5-1 loss, you know something isn't right.  Schneider was absolutely unbelievable and the team just had to go out and waste a perfectly stellar performance from the kid. 

After one of the more exciting games of the year against Washington in which the Canucks won 7-4 and a dominant victory (5-1) against the Calgary Flames, I thought maybe, just maybe, that this team had turned a corner.  It turned out I was flat wrong.

Never before have I seen so many turnovers from a National Hockey League team that is supposed to be one of the best.  Never before have I seen a defense core that is supposed to be deep and balanced stand around like pylons for 60 minutes.  Never before have I seen such a lackluster effort from just about everyone on the roster.

Why is it that this team can't put forth three games of solid effort right now?  This is where Alain Vigneault and the leaders of this team need to stop thinking that they're good and just go out and prove it. 

Show the league and this passionate fan base that you are serious.  That's all I ask of the Canucks right now.  I don't care if they lose, I just want to see effort.  Prove to us that you are willing to sacrifice and fight for points.  Prove to us that you do care right now despite last spring's heartbreak. 

This is a great team; I don't think that anyone can deny that.  The Canucks boast some of the greatest players in the league.  That being said, right now, they simply aren't playing well. 

Do I believe they will come around?  Sure I do.  The question becomes, how long will fans have to sit around and watch this.  We can only hope that it won't be long.

Thanks for reading and enjoy the game tonight.  Hopefully they come out flying!

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