Day 7 Recap of IIHF World Hockey Championships

A couple of relegation games and a couple of qualification round games make up Day 7 of the Worlds in Slovakia.

Relegation: Slovenia vs. Latvia

No scoring in the first period to report, but in the second period, Slovenia’s Rok Ticar and Tomaz Razingar would combine for three goals, Razingar scoring twice. No more than 2 minutes into the third would Ticar net his second of the game to make it 4-0, then Rok Pajic makes it 5-0. Georgijs Pujacs receive a checking from behind major and a game misconduct, sending him to the showers. Latvia would get two late-game goals, but it was too late. Their goals scored by Martins Cipulis and Martins Ratiums (the latter with 1 second left in the game) makes the final score 5-2 in favor of Slovenia.

Relegation: Belarus vs. Austria

This was an all-Belarus affair as they were under some intense pressure, especially as they’ll be hosting the World Championships in 2014. 4:06 into the game, Evgeni Kovyrshin makes it 1-0, and Toronto’s Mikhail Grabovski makes it 2-0, then, Montreal’s Andrei Kostitsyn makes it 3-0. A goalie change by Austria to start the second period does nothing to stop the bleeding, as Artyom Demkov makes it 4-0, then, while shorthanded, Sergei Demagin makes it 5-love. Austria’s Oliver Setzinger breaks the shutout of Andrei Mezin, but Belarus’ Dmitri Korobov ups the score to 6-1 on a 5-on-3, while Alex Kulakov makes it 7-1, followed a short time later by Austria’s Michael Schiechl. Final score is 7-2 in favor of Belarus.

Qualification Round: Russia vs. Denmark

The first of the qualification round games has Russia vs. Denmark, and it would be a close affair from start to finish. Sergei Zinoviev opens the scoring for the Russians, and a short time later, Denmark’s Nichlas Hardt ties the score 1-1. Mikkel Bodker gives the Danes a 2-1 lead through 20 minutes. Zinoviev would score again to the game 2-2 in the second, and would record a hat trick a little over 4 minutes later, giving Russia the lead back at 3-2. Evgeni Artyukhin makes it 4-2 Russia in the third, but a little over 2 minutes later, Nichlas Hardt would score his second of the game to make it 4-3. Pulling the goalie late, Denmark tried to equalize, but would fail, as the final score stood 4-3 in favor of Russia. At the end, Artyukhin, who got the winner, received a 10-minute misconduct.

Qualification Round: Switzerland vs. Norway

The second of the qualification round games featured Switzerland vs. Norway. It would prove to be interesting. Norway scores 8:47 into the match on a goal by Jonas Holos, and with 5 seconds left in the period, go up 2-zip when Per-Age Skroder scores. Thibaut Monnet would get the Swiss on the board in the second, cutting Norway’s lead in half, but Kristian Forsberg would restore Norway’s 2-goal lead in the third, and Raphael Diaz would cut that lead to 1 making the score 3-2. Tobias Stephan was pulled to the bench in the hopes the Swiss would tie it late, but the final score stands 3-2 Norway.

Day 8 will feature these Qualification Round games: Germany vs. Finland, Canada vs. United States, Czech Republic vs. Slovakia, and Sweden vs. France. The next round of relegation games will be played on Saturday.