A Brief Introduction...

Hey Leaf fans,

Owen here from Inside the Blue and White Bubble...just taking a moment to introduce myself and to say how pleased I am to be part of The Checking Line as a contributing writer of Leafs-related news, updates and info.

The Checking Line crew have put a ton of thought and energy into maintaining a very high standard of informative, timely hockey stories in order to keep you, the readership, informed and engaged. We are committed to giving Leaf stuff to think and talk about. If you disagree with a particular point of view, let us have it! This is your forum to discuss and opine and we want to hear from you.

Hope you'll look for my first piece tomorrow bright and early, following the Leafs-Pens game set to go within the hour of writing. Those two points are sorely needed in order to stay in the mix for that final 8th spot...

Looking forward to hearing from you all,

Inside the Blue and White Bubble


Daniel_W's picture

Welcome! I'm fairly new to this aswell. About 2 months now aha... I'm looking forward to reading your review! Good luck.

George Prax's picture

Welcome Owen, glad to have you on the team!