Thank You Notes - Leafs Season Edition

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Kaberle shows his true colours having the audacity to shake that man's hand while playing for this team.

Seeing how the only good thing to come out of Toronto in recent memory is Drake, it doesn't really take much to get a thank you these days. So even with this abomination that is the Leafs' season coming to a close, I still managed to muster up some thank you's to send them off.

So here we...GO:

Thank You...Colton Orr for your productive season in the violence column. If this was Season 11 of The Ultimate Fighter instead of Season 42 of the Leafs' Stanley Cup Drought, you might be a winner right now.

Thank You...Darryl Sutter. At first Leafs fans were worried about the Phaneuf trade, finding it odd that you would dump him for next to nothing. We were relieved when you re-signed Stajan for $4 million a year, realizing that you think you actually traded Phaneuf for a first line center.

Thank You...Viktor Stalberg. Your outstanding goal production in the preseason and then again late in the season when the Leafs were eliminated from playoff contention shows that you're going to fit in well in this city.

Thank You...Phil Kessel. Your experience with the U.S. Olympic team, going from underdog to favourite and then crushing defeat taught you what it really means to be an Ottawa Senator.

Thank You...Tomas Kaberle for your loyalty to this team. Loyalty pays dividends, just ask Sundin, McCabe and Kubina how well it worked out for them. Don't ask Tucker though, it really does pay him dividends for a few more seasons.

Thank You...Worst Case Scenario, usually we get a glimpse of you, but this year you didn't miss a beat.

In Soviet Russia, player thanks you. With that said, Nik Kulemin would like to say, Thank You...Maple Leafs, I had a pretty good season this year. Best of luck next year, I'll keep watching you guys even though I'll be in the KHL.

Thank You...Rickard Wallin, for whatever it is that you do. No seriously, what is it that you do?

Thank You...Giguere. Your 5-7-2 record with the Leafs this season has been one of the best goaltending records on this team over the last few years.

Finally, Thank You...Leafs, for managing to make baseball more exciting than hockey. At least if you're down 4-0 in baseball you're still in the game.

Enjoy the playoffs! (no not you in the Gilmour jersey and the blue and white face paint)

Patrick Storto