4 straight loss for Avs, third in OT

Duchene stays hot but it's not enough

Another day, another loss for the Avs. The team just continues to struggle, and you have to wonder if the injuries are finally catching up. It seems that the Stewart injury has taken the air out of the sales of the Avs. The team just isn't playing the up tempo style that they have been in the past that worked. Other teams knew when they played the Avs they would have to work hard to win, but in recent games the team has seemed lazy. The biggest thing wrong is in their own defensive zone, the team just isn't motivated to get the puck out of the zone and actually play some defense.

They get another chance Friday against a hot Atlanta team, and a win could help turn things around. However, if they want to do that, they need to come out fast and stay that way the entire game. The consistency has been terrible lately and each period begins with huge question marks as to whether or not we are going to get the fast youthful Avs, or the disorganized lazy ones.

I will say that once Duchene gets a goal, they come in bunches. The man said that it would only take one goal for him and that after that to watch out. Well that is exactly what is happening with him right now. In the last 9 games Dutch has 7 goals and 4 assists. It just seems right now that everything he puts on net goes in. Hopefully he can keep this up, because the team really needs someone to step up in scoring without Stewart on the team.

Where is Paul Stastny? Paul has been playing some of his worst hockey and you can probably attribute that to the loss of his linemate Stewart. Paul just looks lost on his first line, and it doesn't help that his linemates are different every single night. So far Sacco cannot figure out the right left winger for that line. first it was Winnik, then it was Porter tonight. honestly Stastny just needs to step it up himself and show that he has the capability to truly lead this team.

I will hopefully have a good write up for Fridays game if the Avs can finally break this slump!


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I was hoping for a career year for Stastny this year. I don't like this.

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He has just not been the consistent leader on the ice and in the score card. Duchene is starting to pick up his play, and he is only in his second year. Not good when a second year player is out playing the "leader of the team".