Another Loss closer to a top pick!

Landeskog is quickly becoming a reality

Well a game in which the Avs were up 2-0 quickly became a 4-2 loss against the newly crowned division champs Vancouver Canucks. It wasn't a bad game by the Avs, and it wasn't a great game by the Canucks. It was a great game by the Sedins. The Sedin twins won that game and the division for the Canucks, and boy are they amazing! It's no wonder they are both top 5 in scoring. Elliott had a pretty good night, and both Duchene and Johnson played their hearts out and it got them both a goal. This Avalanche team has the pieces, they just aren't all healthy right now. The one good thing is an unlucky season for a decent upcoming team, will lead them to another amazing player to build the franchise around. With the loss tonight, the Avs stayed only one point ahead of Ottawa, and only 5 points behind the league worst Edmonton. Right now all I want is for the Avs to finish 2nd to last, because all signs say that Edmonton will pick Adam Larsson with the first. Leaving the Avs a clear path to Gabriel Landeskog. This kid is the real deal.

The kid is a leader on the ice, won't take any crap from anyone, doesn't shy away from the body, and can score goals! He is amazing. With the pick of Landeskog, the Avs would be replacing the player they loss in Stewart, and getting the same type of player with maybe even better upside. I mean they say that Lando (my nickname for him, you'll see why later) is one of the most hardest workers you will find, and some say that it was consistent work effort that Stewart lacked. So maybe the Avs knew they were getting a high draft pick and that they were going after Landy, and that is why they traded for Johnson? Highly unlikely, but with that pick it makes the Stewart trade look a lot better for the Avs.

Here is a video I recently created highlighting Landy and his skills. Boy do I hope they get him, might have to get me a Landy jersey before a Duchene.

Feel free to comment on the video... and also this photoshop job I did for the Avs message boards... :)


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haha love the video and the photoshop. Good to see that you're staying positive about what's happening.