Avs Update: The Real Anderson Story

EJ made his debut in a 4-0 loss against the Sharks

Ex Players Faceoff
Well it has been a couple of days since the big trades and at least every player involved has had one game with their new teams (Except for Elliott, still having visa problems). I thought both EJ and McClement played quite well for the Avs. EJ and Jay both had a ton of chances and fit well with the team. I don't fault either for any of the goals and EJ made some great plays defensively. One play in particular was a guy got the puck for the Sharks right in the slot and out of no where EJ dove in front and blocked a for sure goal.

Tonight is a HUGE game as the Avs head into St. Louis for a match up of ex players. The funny part of it, is the Avs are only playing St. Louis tonight due to the postponement that occurred a few weeks ago. So we will see what each player does for their new respective team. With the ex-Av curse the team has, I am sure Stewart will score the game winning goal tonight and extend the Avs losing streak to 12.

The Real Craig Anderson Story
The Denver Post put out an article today that stated this past summer the Avs offered Craig Anderson a 2 year 7.5 million dollar contract extension that the goalie turned down. This tells me quite honestly that Andy thought he was worth more than he was and now actually makes me think Andy did quit on this team. I was one of his supporters saying it was injuries, however for him to reject a 200% increase in salary makes me lose respect for him.

For Andy to play the way he has, then be traded and play the way he did for the Sens in the first game makes me honestly fine with trading him. It was obvious now it might have been all about the money. The second Andy gets traded and has a chance for another big contract he preforms. With Elliott, the Avs now have a tryout for the starting spot, and they can walk away completely if they want to. Win win in my book if the Avs were dealing with a guy who only cared about money in Anderson.

Avs rumors
Tons of rumors going on right now with the Avs, making me think the team may not be done shocking people and teams everywhere. Some of the biggest rumors is that the Avs are in the hunt for either Jonathan Bernier or Cory Schneider. So it seems the tandem of Budaj and Elliott is not fine with the organization and they are still trying to find their goalie of the future. However the players that are said to be apart of trade talks. Players being discussed in deals include Paul Stastny, Ryan O'Reilly, and T.J. Galiardi. That's right, Paul Stastny.

One report from the Denver Post was that the Avs were talking of trading Paul Stastny, T.J. Galiardi, and a pick to L.A. for Benier, Jack Johnson, and Jarret Stoll. However I honestly don't believe Stastny will be moving and we could see O'Reilly in that spot instead. The reason more rumors come up of late is because the Avs currently have 5 centers on the roster. So at least one will be gone by the deadline and it is pretty much a done deal that one is gone.

As for who the Avs can get, if Schneider or Bernier are coming back the other way I might be happier. Both goalies are rated very high for goalie prospects and I think the Avs realize both are ready for the NHL. Currently both those guys are ready, but play on teams with franchise goalies already. Schnieder playing behind Luongo, and Benier playing behind Quick. We will just have to wait and see what happens next for the Avs, but tonight is big and I am sure a lot of people will be watching.

Now after all of these trades and news of Anderson's greed, does anyone feel the Avs did the right thing getting rid of him? Would you have wanted him? Are you an Ottawa fan who might be regretting the acquisition of Andy? DEBAT AWAY!