Who Are You Rooting For?

As a hockey fan first, and an Islander fan second I am still able to watch and enjoy the playoffs even though the Islanders are not involved.  Now my question to all the Islander fans who read this blog (don't worry I'll give my answer too) is who are you rooting for in the second round of these playoffs.  Whether it be your second favorite team, or your significant other's team or just a team you've always liked but won;t admit to it who are you backing?

I am actually rooting for two teams, I this whenever the Islanders are not in the playoffs (so that's pretty often).  I root for one Eastern Conference team and one Western Conference team, gives me twice as many chances to be right.  This year the Islander fans may seriously hate me but the the four teams left in the Eastern Conference there really is no likeable choice.  I am rooting for the New York Rangers in these playoffs, I promise I will explain why below.  Out of the Western Conference I am rooting for the Los Angeles Kings (although I am also fond of Phoenix).

New York Rangers-
I am rooting for the Rangers for one reason and one reason only, New York hockey needs a Stanley Cup and we need it badly!  When I first began playing hockey in 1993 hockey was relatively popular and after the Rangers won the Cup in '94 the popularity skyrocketed.  There were two hockey organizations on Staten Island (11 miles long) and each had at least two if not three teams at every level.  As the years went on and the Rangers fell off, so did New York hockey.  Currently there is one organization on Staten Island and they are struggling to field one team at every level, never mind three.  So Islander fans can be mad at me if they want, and trust me my mom most definitely is, but I have my reasons and am sticking with them so let's go Rangers!

Los Angeles Kings-
This choice I have less apologizing and less explaining to do so I'll make it simple, I love Jonathan Quick, Drew Doughty, and Dustin Brown.  Of the teams left in the Western Conference these are my three favorite players.  I also enjoy the idea of an underdog, especially the eight seed surprising everyone and pulling out a playoff for the history books.  I enjoyed watching L.A. send Vancouver home early (2 Girls, No Cup) and hope that their gritty hardworking style will get them through to the Stanley Cup finals.

What if the Rangers and the Kings meet in the finals?
This is where I sit back, relax and enjoy.  No matter who wins I'd be happy.  

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