Kings Taking Over L.A.


The Kings are taking over Los Angeles. There’s no ambiguity, it’s as black and white as this text and page, as simple as the team’s color scheme. This weekend the Staples Center will be busier than a Playboy hosted car wash outside an all boys school. Three different postseason series will be taking place inside the arena and the Kings are the main attraction. Wait, what?
As the Lakers and Clippers sputter out of control the Kings continue picking up momentum. With a win over the Coyotes Sunday the Kings would reach the Stanley Cup finals for only the second time in their 45 year history. 
They don’t have cool nicknames like “The Lakeshow” or “Lob City”. They don’t have a megastar like Kobe Bryant or a guy who can jump over a car and star in hilarious commercials like Blake Griffin. Nobody was talking about them at the beginning of the season, nobody was even talking about them last month. All of a sudden the Kings are the hot ticket. 
A quick Twitter search shows that the Kings' bandwagon continues to expand. It seems like everyone is jumping on board: Fans from different cities whose team already got knocked out, media personalities trying to stay in touch and up to date, but best of all people who readily admit they don’t watch hockey. 
A team that barely made it into the playoffs isn’t supposed to beat the winner of the President’s trophy.  And if they do accomplish this miraculous upset they’re not supposed to sweep the number two seed. Well, okay ... they’ll make it to the Western Conference finals and we’ll be proud of their efforts. Think again. I guess it’s fitting that something with so much Hollywood gush should take place in L.A. 
It goes to show that anything can happen in the playoffs. An 11-1 record against the top three seeds in the west should/has catapulted them to stardom and are now the team a lot of people have winning. Jonathan Quick has only let in more than two goals once this postseason, their penalty killing unit can score, and they have a third line that can match up against anyone. Add to that a team with a perfect 8-0 record on the road and it becomes clear how terrifyingly good this team is.
It’s actually a great thing that the Kings are the lower seed. With the breakneck speed they finish series fans are able to see them advance at the Staples Center. The Staples Center has seen a lot of excitement, but for the first time in a long time its been on a sheet of ice wrapped in Plexiglas.