Morning After – Clinchitey Clinch Clinch

For the first time in THREE years, we Habs fans did not need to wait to the bitter end to confirm our participation in the post-season.

Not to brag or anything, but I just happen to be wearing my PK Subban t-shirt last night. I rarely wear Habs clothing when watching the game at home, but it was lying around and I need to change out of my work clothes. I'm not saying I was the reason that PK scored the OT winner, but you know... there's no such thing as a coincidence :)

Better than seen the PK/Price chest bump was seen Mike Cammalleri score a vintage Mike Cammalleri goal – high slot wrister (I believe the shot was deflected in, but regardless, that goal was a goal scorers goal).

Can I talk about the Leafs for a moment? I know I'm not supposed to say this, but I feel bad for them. They were officially eliminated last night and a part of me was secretly hopping they would successfully claw their way into 8th place this year. For the first time since...well I think ever... I saw a Leafs team that looks like they care about success.

Back to the Habs: Last night it looked as though the Habs were getting back to the team that won 5 in a row over a month ago.

What now though? Does it matter who we play in the post-season? Should the Habs rest Price for the next two games? What about others? With the playoffs confirmed, should Martin use this as an opportunity to give ailing guys a week or so to heal up.

I think I may have the unpopular stance here, but I say rest them up. Either way, we play Philly, Boston or Washington. Of all three, the Caps are my least favorite match-up, but we can't predict who will finish where at the top or at the bottom, so I say Martin should use this next week to give the sore muscles a break. Call up some bodies from Hamilton, it's not like Ottawa is built to pose any real threat at this point...


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They definitely need to rest up in my opinion. It's pretty obvious that a lot of guys are playing injured, so call up a couple guys and give some of the vets a much needed rest, while letting the young guys finally get a taste of big minutes - cause you never know why might step up or who might need to play big in the playoffs. Let Subban pad his stats for a potential run at the Calder, give Auld a start, let Pouliot and Desharnais run around and try to get back on the scoreboard... give Gill, Cammalleri, Price, maybe even Gomez a night off on Thursday, but at the same, they need to ice a relatively ready team on Saturday to knock one off before the playoffs.

At the same time don't count the Sens out... they jsut beat the Flyers 5-2 lol

Great win last night. I'm still not thoroughly convinced they'll be OK in the playoffs but it's a step in the right direction, especially considering the team they were facing and the result.

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Good news is that Auld will get the start on Thursday! Love it when a smart decision is made Smile