Morning After – Gettin' Skinned

The silver lining? I have Jeff Skinner in my pool...


Before I get into the Habs, I have a small rant about PVRs and game-taping etiquette. I had dinner plans last night, and I set the PVR for the game. I was heading to a small Indian restaurant on Jean-Talon, so I was not worried about hearing game updates. I also drive with my radio off, just in case even a music channel gives me an update.

All this caution was for naught. My dad called me just as I got home and was pushing play. I answer the phone with "don't tell me about the game, I'm watching it now", to which he answers "don't worry, I didn't watch it, all I know is that they lost".

Thanks dad.

With that tid-bit of knowledge, I set about waiting for the Habs to disappoint me. I watched the game on TSN, so had Pierre McGuire in my ear all night, yapping about match-ups. He was obsessed with the idea that Subban/Gill needed to be on the ice with Staal and Cole's line.

Honestly, it didn't matter what the match-ups were. Injuries on defense have caught up to us. We need Markov, we need Gorges, and yes... we need Spacek.

So another season, another final game in Toronto that will likely decide our playoff spot. Personal (though unlikely) nightmare? Toronto and Montreal fighting for the final spot on April 9th.

I don't want to be all negative. I liked Cammalleri last night. It's been awhile since I've been able to say that. I also liked Gionta, though the puck just keeps bouncing over his stick when he has the chance to score!

Four games left... 8 points up for grabs. I want to see a streak (and not the kind that causes mass hysteria on Team990).


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If Toronto manages to get to that game still in the hunt, and they could also eliminate us in the process... ya, forget it. I've never seen a team not want to win as much as the Habs this season. It's completely unbelievable. They go into games with no emotion, no desire. And yes, I'm blaming the system. There's no excuse for losing three games in a row by shutout. But to me, there's even less excuse with assuming one halfhearted win at home is enough to be able to go into the game the next night without that desire. Price can't do it all, and nearing 70 games played it's starting to show. I actually sort of wish they miss the playoffs at this point, it will be less painful than watching them flounder in the first round anyway.

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I know! Is there a worse feeling than a quick 1st round elimination??

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there is always something worse than a quick 1 round exit...not making the playoffs

and like we all know every team goes through slumps - our is just at the end of the year

no worries - the playoffs are a different beast

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No, missing the playoffs is NOT worse than a first round exit. At least not for a team like the Habs, which needs every excuse they can get to fire the coach and make changes.

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you all know that last season the samething happened and we were all blown away by there performance in the playoffs. ill wait for to see what the first round brings, the post-season is always a whole different season altogether. the good news is, Patchy is cleared to start working out... yay!

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The same thing happened last year? I don't remember the Habs getting shutout 3 times in a row last year, or playing so poorly their Vezina-caliber goalie got pulled three times in five starts. This isn't the same as last year, not at all. And no "system" or goaltending is going to help them this year, cause guess what, the Caps, the Pens, they're not going to let the Habs sneak up on them again. The Bruins, the Flyers? Good luck. I'm hoping they can prove me wrong, but all you have to do is watch the team to realize that they just don't care anymore. The coach has lost the room.