Morning After – Snoozer in Ottawa

We saw two examples of low scoring hockey this week. The former was a fast-paced game that made fans realize that goals don't make a game, and the latter, aka the Snoozer in Ottawa, made fans switch between the game and American Idol – well I didn't, but that's because I hate American Idol. If Top Chef were on, I definitely would have been switching.

I gather no one really cared about the result. With the playoff spot clinched, and the Ranger losing, the worst that can happen is the Habs end the season in 7th place.

There are a couple high points that can be taken out of last night:

  • Cammalleri, Plekanec and Kostitsyn have awoken as a line. Cammalleri is a streaky scorer, and he's starting a scoring streak at the exact right time.
  • The next time I'm feeling down and like I'm not living up to my potential, I'm calling Bob Gainey. I don't know what it is about these mythical walks with Bob, but once again it seems to have worked. Gomez is involved and he is SHOOTING. But more importantly he isn't skating through the neutral zone only to find himself lost in the offensive zone – he appears to actually have a plan with the puck.

I had a terrible dream last night. Habs were playing Leafs. For some reason Mike Rupp was on the ice. He and Subban were jostling in front of the net. Rupp took his stick and swung it into Subban's forearm. PK falls to the ground and Rupp starts stomping on PK's face and body with his skate. For some reason I am seated near the benches and so is Tony Marinaro. He gets on his cell phone and says "PK's done for the season". The dream then took a weird angle that involved me shooting pucks in sneakers...

This dream means two things: I care far too much about hockey for someone who has no real stake in the matter. And secondly, I have some worry about Toronto. Meaningless games against "rivals" never end well. I put "rival" in quotes because the Leafs are anything but a rival in skill, which means they will try and beat us with dirty plays.

Even though my first place standing in my hockey pool depends on Price playing, I hope to see Auld. Just as I hope Martin limits the minutes of the core. If there was ever a time to give the Ellers and Pouliots lots of ice time, it's on Saturday night!

On a side note, my favourite playoff bar has closed down. I need suggestions. Must have good food, good TV sight lines, and sound. Preferably in the Plateau / Mile end area.


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I'm a westie so I can't do any better than Dorval or at worst Downtown, lol. Sorry Tongue. If I'm downtown Irish Embassy is my spot, in the west I used to love going to Boston Pizza for the atmosphere in Dorval but they shut it down. So i'm wandering a bit now. Been meaning to try the new Ye Olde Orchard in the Pointe-Claire village but it's always packed (or closed due to kitchen fires).

Anyway, ya, boring-ass game last night, I was at the bar falling asleep in my beer with Phil T from the site. At least we got a point and no one was injured. I'm worried about Saturday too, because there's only so many players you can rest and I wouldn't put it past the Leafs to go after some guys. Makes me wonder whether the right move is to play Price or not. Another part of me wants to embarrass them in front of their crowd in the last game too, though, haha. We'll see.

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I can't handle another meal of pub food.. it does by body bad Sad

My dream is for a place like Salle a Manger to also offer a room for me to watch the game. A 5-star meal and the game? Yes please.

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Last night I watched the game at a St. Hubert. So trust me, I know how you feel haha