Morning After – That Sucked

Hand up people who expected the Habs to lose 7-0 (and some might say 8-0, because that buzzer goal sure was close).

I would like to think of myself as a true Habs fan – I ride the ups and downs, but when the Habs got down 6-0 I switched the channel. Shock! Awe! Traitor! Listen – I only have so many leisure hours in a day, and I can guarantee you that had I not committed to writing this Morning After blog, I probably would have changed the channel when it got to be 5-0.

It wasn't so much the score, it was the total lack of effort. Carey Price comes out and gives his team a great to excellent performance every night, and they thank him with terrible zone clearances, zero goal support, and sloppy play in front of his crease.

Earlier this week, Habs won 8-1. I'll trade 5 of those goals, including Subban's hat trick, for a couple against buffalo, and maybe three against the Bruins.

On Monday, I gave 8 cheerful points for every goal scored. I will now give 7 Debbie Downer's for every goal scored against.

  1. Mike Cammalleri: When's the last time our goal-scorer scored a goal? March 11, against the Penguins. Pitiful...
  2. How many games left? Seven. Seven games left for the Habs to put a little streak together and maybe scratch out home ice advantage.
  3. March 5, March 8: That's the last set of consecutive wins the Habs strung together.
  4. Sweep: That's what happened last time the Bruins had home-ice advantage against the Habs in a playoff series.
  5. Two: The number of points the Rangers need to catch up to us. Also the number of games the Bruins have in hand. Though, to be honest, I wouldn't mind dropping to 7th and playing Washington again.
  6. Alex Auld: He was not very strong, and did not provide the change of pace that was desperately needed.
  7. Carey Price: I wish he had been taken out earlier. He didn't deserve to be shell shocked like that.
  8. BONUS: That 8th goal was good. It was RIGHT on the buzzer. The Bruins could have pressed for a replay, but event they can be good sports. That last goal really was just the icing on the cake. From the puck drop to the buzzer the Bruins were just all over the Habs.
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1. Not only was March 11th the last time Cammalleri scored, but he hadn't scored in five games before that, and he only has four goals since before Christmas (including the time he missed). This exact thing happened last year, and I'm really starting to lose confidence in him, despite the 13 goal performance in the playoffs.

2/3. Forget home ice advantage at this point. The Habs can't string together back to back wins - it's been a problem all year. If anything they might be better off dropping to 7th or 8th and playing the Caps or the Pens (I think they'll pass the Flyers).

4. But they also had home ice 2 of the 3 times before that and the Habs upset them. I wouldn't be worried about home ice, to be honest. All the Habs have to do is split the first two games on the road and then they'll be golden at the Bell Centre.

5. Agreed.

6. I don't think you can blame Auld for that. It's hard for any goalie to change the pace to the point that was needed, and frankly the Habs had been flat all night, why would that change when it was 5-0 and couldn't even string together a good enough play to score a single goal? He was great on Sunday, and he's a serviceable back-up. It was neither his fault or Price fault last night.

Overall that was just embarrassing... worst timing ever for something like that to happen, but I hope it just means they got it out of their system. Still, how many times do they have to be destroyed before we stop making excuses for them? And I was just starting to game some confidence in them and especially Martin...

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Ya I know we can't blame Auld... but one would have hoped he could at least stop the bleeding.

The good news is, that whenever the Habs have faltered, they've always been able to regroup. Let's hope that happens again!

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Well if Price couldn't do anything for them last night, despite playing great, I wasn't going to expect anything out of Auld. I think pulling Price at that point was more for Price's benefit than the team's.

Caps are going to be tough tomorrow. Hopefully you're right.