Are the Black Jerseys That Bad?

In the world of hockey fans, the opinion of third jerseys causes a huge divide. Simply put, some love them, some don't. I am somwhere in the middle.

If the jerseys are done right with a respect for the team's history I am all for it. However, when the jersey is done in an uncreative, non inspired manner, that is where I begin to be perturbed.
It seems to me that every Islander fan I talk to, absolutely hates the Islanders' newest black jersey. Although this opinion seems to coincide with everyone that is talked to, the seats and Coliseum lobby are littered with these jerseys. How is that possible?
Where are these fans? Speak up for your love of this jersey. (Photo Credit: Flickr/msflaster)
Which leads me to ask the appropriate question: Are the addition of the Islanders' black jerseys considered a success?
Are these jerseys a guilty pleasure for fans?
Originally and at first sight, these jerseys seemed terrible. I admit, they have grown on me but they should still disappear. Here is why...
A team with such a rich history and possibly the best uniforms in the game should not play around with what works.
The follies concerning uniforms are well noted for the Islanders and some even hold the fishermen garb in a special place of their hearts. But what we have learned through all this experimentation is that we should not mess with the formula.
Straying from the proven path has not fared well for the Islanders especially when it has to do with their jerseys.
The Islanders' classic blue, orange and white with the crest is like Classic Coca Cola's formula. It is proven with a history of greatness. But like Coke, the Isles are always trying to find ways to make new money. See: every variation of Coca Cola products.
Money drives it all. As long as the jerseys continue to be worn by the few, they will continue to exist.
Unfortunately these third jerseys are a great representation of where the franchise has been the last block of years. Wearing black was trendy for teams in the 2000s when the Mets and Knicks added them to their primaries. That trend has passed for most teams thankfully. But the Isles found it necessary to hop on the bandwagon while it was parked and taken off the the road. 
They seem to always show up to the party long after it is over.
A day late. A dollar short. 
In a perfect world, the Islanders would only wear the blue and white classics for all of time.


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Yes - they ARE; constitute SUCH a slap in the face to those of us who wanted to be part of producing a 3rd which really COMPLIMENTED the tradition and its history, Long Island and its my estimation, only one thing and one thing ALONE would go a LONG way towards mitigating this fashion disaster: DITCH the arching wordmark and number for the home crest.....while there was one notoriously questionable design decision with the orange 3rds, at least they were well-balanced in terms of the logo (NOT true of the white and blue dynasty motif crest at that time) to the color dispersal.....

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Well put my friend. Thanks for reading