Has Jack Capuano Lost The Team?

This is not an attack on the man. This is not a damnation of Jack Capuano. Don't take this article as creating a scapegoat for the Islanders' recent five game slide. There is only so much that the coaching staff can do and the rest lies within the players who make big money to execute.

Simply put, the Islanders are not executing. During this losing streak, they are able to right one aspect of their game at the expense of another. For example, the Islanders could not score yet Evgeni Nabokov found a way to make ridiculous saves. Now the Islanders have recently found their scoring touch again and they can't keep the puck out of their own net. (Photo Credit: Flickr/Robert Krowal)
It is this type of losing streak that makes Isles fans want to pull the hair out of their head. They literally are losing in every way imaginable.  Creativity is something they do not lack when finding ways to lose.
The New York Islanders need a change. Will firing Capuano instantly right this sinking ship?
Maybe. Maybe not.
But one can assume that the voice in the locker room is not resonating with the players. The Islanders at times look undisciplined and lost in key moments of the game. A lot of that blame should fall on the coaching staff.
As fans, no one can dispute the length of preparation or communication during intimate locker room talks. To be fair, their recent string of poor hockey speaks louder than any words could. 
Poor line changes. Horrible planning to pull goalies that lead to empty net goals which seals the game before the Isles even have a chance to try and tie it. Changing lines that have worked.
These small tactical errors mount over time and they rear their head during key moments. 
Jack Capuano may have lost this team. Cases can be made when they were blown out of the water in the third period by a Hurricanes team that looked prepared, motivated and determined. (Photo Credit: Flickr/OneTigerFan)
It happens. It doesn't mean that Capuano is a bad coach but he might not able to motivate this young team to the point that can rally them through these tough stretches.
Fans can't sit here and pretend that they know who the immediate successor should be. But at the moment, any new voice in that locker room will be refreshing and just what the Isles need in order to perservere through these trying times.
A change needs to be made before it is too late. They cannot allow this losing streak to resemble losing 19 out of 20. This season is too short and tightly packed to wait around to see what happens. They should be desperate right now.
The frustration is boiling over. Just look at John Tavares' face at the end of their loss to Carolina last night. (Photo Credit:Flickr/Official New York Islanders)
What is this team's identity? They seem to adopt a new style nightly. Ted Nolan was gritty and his team played like that when he was here. 
They say that teams take on the personality of their coach. That statement cannot be too endearing to Jack Capuano. They have played soulless, gutless and heartless hockey at times. That is not a great reflection of the man behind the bench.
-Steven Giangaspro