Postgame For 3/28/13: Isles Fly High In Philly

With the Islanders fresh off of their biggest win of the year in DC, they moved towards Philadelphia with the 8th seed in sight. Their eyes were certainly on the scoreboard to see what the Rangers were doing in Ottawa. 

However, they needed to take control and take care of business in Philly first. Two important points were on the line.
Playing in Philly has been nothing short of a nightmare in recent years for the orange and blue. So when the road Isles went down 2-0 early,  no one could have expected a come back could be in the works.
But these Islanders have shown a lot of grit and persistence on the road. They battled back behind Colin McDonald's two goal party.
After MSG highlighted his life story and growing up, McDonald became the focal point of the Isles' comeback.
With a 3-2 lead created by McDonald's go ahead goal, the Isles fell victim to a face off violation that sent them down a man.
The Flyers used the advantage of the power play and pulling Bryzgalov to tie the game with less than 30 seconds left.
The Isles opened the 5 minute overtime period with the man advantage. Their PP unit looked lost and could not capitalize on the 4 on 3 advantage.
The clenched fists and fast paced heart beats have been a staple for Isles fans while watching the games recently. Each of these high pressured games are starting to result in stressed out fans.
But we wouldn't have it any other way. It is April and our team is within reach of a playoff spot. Life is good.
The game came down to a shoot out. A battle for the all important 2nd point.
Josh Bailey had a chance to lock up a road win after only Giroux and Boyes were able to meet twine during the shoot out.
A confident Josh Bailey rocketed his shot past Bryzgalov and the Isles cashed in on another road win. As Bailey clinched the win for the Isles, the Rangers went down 2-0.  They eventually went on to lose 3-0 in Ottawa. 
Despite going 0-5 on the power play and 0-2 on the penalty kill, the Isles found a way to win. Isles fans have to be encouraged by the team's ability to win on the road when they are not firing on all cylinders. 
These wins are helping to further build confidence in the locker room and preparing the team mentally for the grind of a potential 7 game playoff series.
This win is valuable beyond the 2 points in the standings. This win is pressure filled game experience that this young team can draw back on when the going gets tough in the playoffs.
These are happy times for Long Island hockey fans. The Islanders will look to keep it going on Saturday against a scolding hot Penguins team.