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Calgary Flames in July


Well now that the two-week party known as 2011 Calgary Stampede is over, I can get back to writing.

By the way, if you have never been to the Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth, I would highly recommend it. It’s...a lot of fun.

Anyways, enough bull bustin’, let’s talk some puck.

The Flames have been busy of late making a couple of signings and a small trade.

Jay Feaster traded a fifth rounder to New Jersey for tough guy-grinder-checker Pierre-Luc Letourneau-Leblond, or P-to the triple L.

Leblond has had a prolific career in the NHL putting up three assists in 37 games over a period of three seasons.  Prolific might not have bee...

The Flames: The Weekend

I go to Idaho for three days and the entire NHL loses it freaking mind.

James Wisniewski 6 yrs, $33 million? Erik Cole 4 yrs, $18 million? Ville Leino, 6 yrs, $27 million?

Is everyone taking crazy pills?  And that’s not even half of the outrageous deals that have been handed out over the past couple of days,

What about the “Pick up as many players as possible and sign them to 4 year contracts” strategy that Dale Tallon has employed in Sunrise, Florida?

Unfortunately Jovo Cop can’t even say he’s taking his talents to south beach, because A) Sunrise is long, long ways from South Beach, and B) Jovo Cop’s talents are severely di...

Regehr and Tanguay

The Robyn Regehr era in Calgary has come to an end.

After spending 11 seasons dawning the flaming C, Regehr will have a new address in Buffalo, NY.

The durable defenceman (he has only missed 15 games in the last 5 seasons) was one of the Flames true leaders, and the second longest tenured player behind the one, the only, Jarome Iginla.

He will be missed in these parts.

I think the happiest person in Alberta right now has to be Ales Hemsky though. Hemsky will no longer have to endure getting tossed around like a Raggedy Ann doll in the corners by the hulking Regehr.  For so many years, Regehr has made it his top priority to ensure that Hemsky can’t even p...

Robyn Regehr to Buffalo?

It looks like Robyn Regehr could be on his way out of Calgary. The second longest tenured Flame and a perennial team leader could be packing his bags and moving to Buffalo. This move would free up $4 million for the team and open the door for another move – a move that would have something to do with Ryan Smyth becoming a Calgary Flame or so the rumours are saying. It’s also being speculated that Stajan and/or Hagman could be involved in the Regehr deal as well, which would really help the team shed some serious dough. Am I happy to see Regehr leaving? Yes and no. He’s been a fixture on the blue line for the last 11 years. He has the ability to instil fear in forw...

Karlsson re-signs.

The Calgary Flames have re-signed back-up goalie Henrik Karlsson to a two-year contract worth $1.725 million. He posted a 4-5-6 record last season with a .908 save % and a 2.58 GAA. Comments from Jay Feaster regarding the signing (taken from "We are very pleased to have Hank under contract and welcome him back,” said Flames General Manager Jay Feaster. “Last season he demonstrated that he is more than capable as a dependable back-up goalie to Kipper who can win games for us when needed and get us valuable points in the standings. Hank’s game performances, especially after long layoffs and in relief efforts, his work ethic, and his positive personality earned hi...

Why I Don't Like the Canucks

Sitting amongst a sea of blue and green at a local bar (By the way Melrose, you should be ashamed to call yourself the home of the red mile) I couldn’t help but stand up and cheer every single time Boston lit the lamp. I received my fair share of evil, stink, and crook eyes but I truly could care less. I found one local “Bruins fan” to high five and that was plenty to satisfy my need. I was smiling ear to ear. I’m not a Bruins fan per say. I’m just a Flames fan who would rather see anybody but Vancouver win the cup. It’s pretty simple actually. This year’s playoff hockey has been outstanding for the most part. The first round itself comes to mind. The overtimes, the d...

Flames sign Glencross and name Feaster GM

The Calgary Flames signed Curtis Glencross to a four year $10.2 million deal today. Following this signing, the Flames made it official by finally stripping the “Acting” tag off of Jay Feaster’s GM role, and officially giving him the keys to the car. This officially marks the beginning of the Jay Feaster era in Calgary. First off: the Glencross signing. I was on record as saying that anything over $2.3 million a season for Glencross would be a bad signing for two reasons. One: I truly believed he would test he free agent market and receive well over that and I was worried the Flames would try and match some ridiculous offer to keep him and subsequently get trapped in another bad...

Craig Conroy: Common Denominator for Tangs and Glencross

A couple of notes on the Calgary Flames as the post season chugs on without them. The two players that rank as the highest priority for the Flames are obviously Alex Tanguay and Curtis Glencross. Both are UFA’s on July 1 and both players had very good seasons, albeit in quite different circumstances. Tanguay had a huge bounce back season, while Glencross had a career breakout season. In thinking about these two players, I think there is a player who recently retired who might be able to give these two players some wise counsel. I’m talking about Craig Conroy. Conroy thrived in Calgary upon his arrival in 2001. He put up 75 points in 81 games in his first full season – d...

Jay Feaster: Acting to be or not to be?

Jay Feaster, or Harry Jay Feaster to his mother, is primed to be the next general manger of the Calgary Flames. Feaster’s history with the game of hockey began in 1988 when he was a lawyer with McNees, Wallace, & Nurrick. He was assigned to deal with Hershey Entertainment and Resorts Company who, by chance, owned the Hershey Bears of the AHL. To make a long story short, he joined the team soon after as the assistant to the team president and in 1990 was named the general manager. He was with the Bears for eight years and won AHL Executive of the Year in 1997 after the Bears won the Calder Cup. He joined the Tampa Bay Lightning as the assistant GM in 1998 behind Jacques Demers takin...

Calgary Flames Post Mortem

The Calgary Flames missed the playoffs. Again. That’s two in a row for people that are keeping track. After spending five straight seasons in the post-season the Flames have now fallen on tough times in the competitive Western Conference. The question on most people’s minds for the better part of the last 2 weeks is, simply put, why? Why did this team not make the playoffs? Why did it take so long for this team to come together? What exactly went wrong, and is the current direction of the team the right one? Well, here are my two cents on the season that was, whether you want to hear them or not. On July 1st, 2010, the Flames signed Olli Jokinen and Alex Tanguay. I appla...