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Flyers 2013-14 Season Schedule Released

After a long process involving the NHL, NHLPA, and the International Olympic Committee, the NHL schedule was finally released on Friday.

The 47th season of Flyers hockey will begin as a member of the newly named Metropolitan Division as part of a new realignment venture. This division contains the New Jersey Devils, New York Rangers, New York Islanders, Pittsburgh Penguins, Columbus Blue Jackets, Washington Capitals and Carolina Hurricanes.

Jets ready for lift off

Jets fans simply crazed - again - about seeing their team on ice.

Montreal Canadiens offer up a Stinker

The much anticipated home opener for the Montreal Canadiens was this evening at the Bell Centre. The opening ceremonies were a lack-luster affair, with the highlight being the names of the players showing up on the ice. The team was introduced by the public address announcer, the Habs came out and acknowledged the capacity crowd. The Anthem was performed by the Montreal Symphony Orchestra - with the crowd singing. There was no ceremonial face off - then the game started. 

The Habs started with a lot of energy and pep with Andrei Kostitsyn scoring on a beautiful set up by Max Pacioretty on a two-on-one. It was a nice start for the home town heroes. Then the Habs starte...

Flames Don't Look Good


Watching the Flames home opener last night, you couldn’t helped be filled with a little bit of optimism heading into a brand new season where anything is possible and dreams of a playoff berth seem realistic.

After one period, everything looked great. The Flames were up 1-0 on the Penguins, despite being outshot 9-4.

Then it all went downhill – fast.

Four goals in the span of just over 11 minutes and the Flames were left wondering which way is up.

When you produce only nine shots through two periods, you don’t really deserve to be in the game anyways.

The Penguins are simply a better hockey team, and it was clearly evident last ...