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2013-14 NHL Awards Predictions: The Jack Adams Award

Daniel Spevak is a writer for The Checking Line - Flyers Edition. This is a part of a multi-part series breaking down the potential finalists for the NHL's annual awards.

The Jack Adams Award is an accolade given to the best coach in the NHL each season.

Between rookie coaches bringing teams back to former levels of success, midseason replacements and established veterans, there’s no shortage of qualified contenders for the award.

Let’s take a look at who should be considered among all 30 NHL coaches this season and see who fits the description of the one who has “contributed the most to his team's success.”

Honorable Mentions

Ken Hit...

The Flyers Turn-Around Should Put Berube Into Jack Adams Talks

The end of the regular season brings talk of NHL awards. It is easy to know the obvious candidates, but there is always a good case that can be made for a not so obvious potential nominee.

When it comes to the Jack Adams Award for coach of the year, Craig Berube is that guy who will spark a great conversation of his unexpected worthiness of a nomination or even a win.

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