Losing Streak

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Positioning: The thin line between being lucky and good

Despite gaining two separate leads, it was the team’s disorganized play in the final minutes of the second as well as in the opening minute of the third that cost them another two points.

However, it wasn’t the only time this weekend the team looked out of sorts.

In Saturday’s gut-wrenching 5-2 loss to the Rangers, the team’s effort in the third period lacked little if any structure.

Not to mention how terrible the penalty kill looked all weekend.

Much of the focus will undoubtedly fall upon the lost opportunities and lack of defensive support, but there is one glaring issue that has consistently been popping up over this current down turn.


Blue Jackets Remain Winless in October

Will they make the playoffs or not? That was the question surrounding the Blue Jacket's before the NHL season began for them on October 7th. Since then, the only question is, will they win a game in October? The Blue Jackets, currently 0-7-1, are last in the NHL and are not looking to catch up any time soon.


Moving on from this week, they only have four remaining games in the month of October. The opponents are not going to get much easier than the 2-5-0 Ottawa Senators that the Jackets lost to with 36 seconds remaining in the game on Saturday (no seriously, one goal lead w...