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Fantasy Hockey: Detailed Injury Report - Southeast Division

Today, we take a look at the injuries that have plagued the teams in the Southeast Division. I apologize for the delay in getting this up, but naturally, there was a lot to cover around the league this week, so the 4th instalment of our look at injuries around the league was pushed back. Last Tuesday, we looked at the Central Division, where Detroit is the team that’s hurting the most from its injuries. The day before, we visited with the Northeast Division, where the Montreal Canadiens were reduced to a glorified AHL team before some of their injured players returned this week, leading up to Friday’s centennial game. Sunday night was the first injury report, where...

Fantasy Hockey: Detailed Injury Report - Central Division

Well, the Habs-Leafs game has depressed me enough to turn my attention back to our division-by-division, team-by-team injury round up. We started off with the Northwest Division, a division in which four of the five teams, at one point or another, have been plagued by injuries, to the point where you can correlate slow starts from those teams to their injuries. Next, we visited the Northeast Division, where the Habs were by far the team most affected by injuries in the first two months of the season. The Bruins were a close second, but the Leafs, Sens and Sabres have been mostly immune for the injury bug making its way around the league. Tonight, we take a look at the Centr...

The Man Behind the Mask: Dwayne Roloson

Welcome to the 1st installment of "The Man Behind the Mask" series. Throughout the course of the year, we will be taking a look at the players who mean the most to the game. The Goalies. Our first article will be on none other then New York Islanders goaltender Dwayne Roloson. In 15 games played this season, 40 year old netminder for the Islanders, Dwayne Roloson, has been able to obtain points in all but two of his starts. He has helped the Islanders, currently, to exceed expectations. Although the season is still early and the Islanders still have a lot to prove, Roloson brings a history worth discussing to Long Island. Un-drafted by any National Hockey League team out of college...

Fantasy Hockey: Detailed Injury Report - Northeast Division

Yesterday, we looked at how injuries have affected the Northwest division. We discovered that the Wild, Canucks and the Oilers could potentially be excused for their slow starts, considering all the injuries they’ve accumulated. The Wild and Oilers can pretty much write off their seasons as a result, but the Canucks should start rolling with healthy bodies making their way back into the line-up. The Flames and Avs could very well be sitting in playoff positions right now thanks to their healthy line-ups. Taking this information, and knowing that injuries, or lack thereof, could be at the very least considered when talking about team performance, how will injuries apply to the No...

Fantasy Hockey: Detailed Injury Report - Northwest Division

We've all heard of the insane amount of injuries in the league so far this season. From Ovechkin, to Kovalchuk, and many others, a lot of very high profile players have missed time with their respective teams due to injuries, to a degree that has driven fantasy hockey players and NHL fans to near insanity. Many teams have lost important players for significant amounts of time, to the point where it has affected team depth and game results. Anyone will tell you that injuries are no excuse, but there is a limit, even to that argument, when teams have trouble icing complete teams this early in the season, and require emergency call-ups, moving defensemen to forward positions, and ic...

Hot & Cold Update

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CSS Preliminary Rankings Released - Big Surprise!

NHL Central Scouting has released the preliminary rankings today with a big surprise in the OHL rankings. It's still early, with a long way to go before June's draft and so of course these rankings will be changing all year. Last season Tavares came in as the clear cut number one, but as the year progressed, Viktor Hedman made a strong point and there came a point in the year when many experts believed that Hedman would be taken 1st overall. But Tavares overtook Hedman as the season came to a close and was the best fit for the Islanders who held the first pick. Here are the CSS North American Preliminary Rankings: OHL Skaters Rank Player Position Team 1.

The Hockey Guys! (tonight, live)

Habs fans and Leafs fans, I invite you to join the chat post game, and I also invite all NHL fans who read this blog to send in your questions to anthony@crashthecrease.com for a new segment we will be starting tonight called "The Fans Corner". We will sort through e-mails and take the best questions sent to us to hear our panel discuss your team. The place to find the show: www.blogtalkradio.com/crashthecrease I hope to see some of you there, and look forward to your questions to answer on the air tonight. Don't miss it! Live, tonight: 9PM EST to 11PM EST!

NHL Predictions 11/17

Season Record (Winning Teams): 82-77 Season Record (Full Predictions) : 6-155 Sorry for missing a few days all, as a lot has been going on in the life of this Hockey Guy. Tonight's quick hit Predictions: 7:00 PM Washington (12-4-4) NY Rangers (11-8-1) The King against Alex "The Great" makes for a Versus (here in the States) spectacular. Final - Rangers 3 Caps 2 F/OT ----------------------------------------------------------------- 7:30 PM Carolina (3-12-4) Montreal (9-11-0) What a game for tonight. Habs searching for scoring and Identity, while Carolina is looking for a lifeline. Final - Habs 4 Canes 2 --------------------------------------------------------...

No Foppa This Year

Swedish superstar Peter Forsberg has announced that he will remain in Sweden this year and play for MoDo. According to Bob McKenzie of TSN, Forsberg will see how his foot holds up and may attempt a return to the NHL next season.