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NHL Predictions 11/10

Season Record (Winning Teams): 73-66
Season Record (Full Predictions) : 5-136

A fairly nice night on the scheulde tonight in the NHL. Unfortunately I can not give an in depth outlook on my predictions just yet. However, soon enough I will be back to normal.

Be sure to check out The Hockey Guys! Hockey radio show tonight from 9PM to 11PM. Onto tonight:

7:00 PM

Pittsburgh (12-5-0)
Boston (7-7-2)

The Penguins are losers of two straight games and a few key players to injury. The Bruins are losers to too many players going out with injuries. Thomas will stand on his head tonight, but the Pengu...

NHL Predictions 11/8

Season Record (Winning Teams): 73-64

Season Record (Full Predictions) : 5-134

I was so upset that I missed yesterday's great schedule. However, I think I would of done pretty bad, so in a sense I'm glad I missed it. Some amazing hockey yesterday, and now, the disappointment of the next two days. What on God's earth is the NHL thinking with this scheduling? Ugh.....

5:00 PM

St. Louis (5-6-3)
Atlanta (6-6-1)

St. Louis had a tough game yesterday against the Philadelphia Flyers, losing in a shoot-out 2-1. Chris Mason is starting to play better and better with each game, and I, although it's a back to back game, would start Mason ...

NHL Predictions 11/6

Season Record (Winning Teams): 69-62
Season Record (Full Predictions) : 5-128

It's gonna be quick again.  Grrrr.....I hate how life get's in the way of blogging, now if only blogging was life (and a paying gig):

7:00 PM
NY Islanders (5-5-5)
New Jersey (9-4-0)

Battle of the "back-ups".

Final - Isles 4 Devils 3


7:00 PM
Toronto (1-7-5)
Carolina (2-9-3)

Battle of the leagues "worst".

Final - Canes 2 Leafs 1


NHL Predictions 11/4

Season Record (Winning Teams): 65-60
Season Record (Full Predictions) : 5-122

Last night, not so much.  Onto tonight. Six decent games to watch tonight.  Here we go: (sorry, no time today for snipits!)

7:00 PM
New Jersey (8-4-0)

Final - Caps 3 Devils 2

7:00 PM
NY Islanders (5-4-5)
Buffalo (8-2-1)

Final - Sabres 2 Isles 1 F/OT

7:00 PM
San Jose (10-4-1)
Columbus (7-5-1)

Final - Sharks 5 BJs 3

7:30 PM
Carolina (2-8-3)
Florida (4-7-1)

Final - Canes 3 Panthers 2 F/SO

8:30 PM

The Hockey Guys!

The Hockey Guys are live tonight from 9PM to 11PM.

For all you hockey fans, this is a must listen and get involved type of show.

Goto: www.blogtalkradio.com/crashthecrease - register for free and join the chat live tonight at 9PM EST.

Greg Wyshynski aka Puck Daddy of Yahoo and Hockeybuzz blogger Denise Karl will be special guests tonight.

Be sure to be there!

NHL Predictions 11/3

Season Record (Winning Teams): 66-56
Season Record (Full Predictions) : 5-117

The battle of the goalies will be tonight's theme as my Crystal ball shows me guiding light and it's been a view of all situations that make me feel that guy's between the pipes tonight are the key.

7:00 PM
Boston (6-6-1)
Detroit (5-4-3)

The Red Wings and Bruins, although both at or above .500, are desperate to find a way to generate offense and get a win. Tim Thomas goes up against Chris Osgood in Hockeytown tonight.  If the Bruins can find some serious change of chemistry and generate offense, it will spell trouble for the Red Wings.

Final -...

Around the Northeast division

With about 12 games played into the 2009-2010 season, it’s time to look at the rankings in the Northeast division

Northeast GP W L OTL Pts GF GA Home Road L10
Buffalo 11 8 2 1 17 33 24 4-1-1 4-1-0 8-2-0
Ottawa 12 6 4 2 14 37 37 3-2-2 3-2-0 5-3-2
Montreal 14 7 7 0 14 38 45 5-2-0 2-5-0 5-5-0
Boston 13 6 6 1 13 33 35 4-4-0 2-2-1 5-4-1
Toronto 12 1 7 4 6 30 50 0-4-1 1-3-3 1-6-3

The real surprise here is the Buffalo Sabres who lead the division with 17 points in only 11 games. Ryan Miller has been stellar so far this year with eight wins and only one loss. His 1...

NHL Predictions 11/2

Season Record (Winning Teams): 63-56
Season Record (Full Predictions) : 5-114

Hope everyone had a nice Halloween weekend. I was tied up and couldn't get to things, however, here we go for tonight:

5:00 PM
Tampa Bay (4-3-4)
Philadelphia (6-4-1)

The world series gives this game an early and odd start time for this part of the season, however, I doubt that will affect the Flyers play and momentum that should carry into this evenings contest against the Tampa Bay Lightning. The Flyers are coming off a 6-1 route of the Carolina Hurricanes and hope to build without starts Simon Gagne and Daniel Briere in the line up.


NHL Predictions 10/30

Season Record (Winning Teams): 61-50 Season Record (Full Predictions) : 4-107 I bit the bullet last night. Seriously need to rub down my Crystal ball and get the flow back. "when you got that glow!" Doesn't anyone know the movie "The Last Dragon" ? Onto tonight: (new format) 7:00 PM NY Islanders (2-4-5) Washington (8-2-2) Is it possible for the New York Islanders to keep Alexander "the Great" Ovechkin off the score sheet two games in a row ? The better situation is can the Islanders post back to back wins? Final - Islanders 4 Capitals 3 7:00 PM Pittsburgh (10-2-0) Columbus (6-5-0) The Penguins are on fire, are showing why they are the defending cup c...

NHL Predictions 10/29

Season Record (Winning Teams): 58-46 Season Record (Full Predictions) : 4-100 Last night was somewhat surprising, even for me. Tonight, I hope to rebound. Quick one again, so here we go: --------------------------------------------------------- New Jersey at Boston 7 PM All I have to say is that Yann Danis is starting for the Devils, and they have some serious injury issues. Final - Bruins 5 Devils 2 --------------------------------------------------------- Washington at Atlanta 7 PM Well, in an attempt to have two Russian snipers play head to head, the promo's for tonight's game are an "epic fail". That same quote will most likely be the key words to tonight's c...