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Here's the Rypien incident:


Bob McKenzie says he's getting minimum 5 games and for the moment he's "suspended indefinitely" pending a hearing with Gary Bettman (yup, the big boss).

As for the Canucks themselves, I think it's just a matter of a slow start... there really is no reason for this. Sure, Burrows is injured, but they're incredibly deep both at forward and at defense and I guess it's just a matter of chemistry and getting things together honestly.

I honestly think they're going to have a season like the Pens did when they won the cup... really slow start, maybe even outside of the playoff picture in December-January, then they'll make some sort of move and steamroll through everyone... whether that means the coach's job is in jeopardy, we'll see.

(on a side note, I thought it was hilarious to see Latendresse complaining on the bench like a little girl lol)

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I know there's no room in the game for what happened with the fan, but maybe the NHL needs to recognize that some arenas don't protect the players from the fans well enough to prevent these types of events. I'm sure the fan is equally at fault for what was said, and if a player is able to push a fan from a section where fans should simply have no contact opportunities whatsoever with the players (for player safety) then maybe this is as much the league's lack of ability to eliminate the possibility of a player-fan contact. It's unacceptable what Rick Rypien did, but it's equally unacceptable that it even had the opportunity to occur.

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On further watching the video more, the kids did NOTHING. Rypien proved to be somewhat disgraceful there.

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Rypien suspended indefinitely

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^ Pending the hearing. That was expected. Final suspension hasn't been handed out yet.

I don't know about further protecting the fans or players or who ever though. Rypien just shouldn't do that shit.

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I love it when people modify Wikipedia: Rick Rypien (born May 16, 1984 in Coleman, Alberta) is a non-professional ice hockey player and professional piece of trash for the Vancouver Canucks of the National Hockey League (NHL). A piece of garbage player, Rypien has also played for the Canucks minor league affiliate, the Manitoba Moose of the American Hockey League (AHL).

Even if the fan said anything, that still doesn't justify what Rypien did. When fans climb a dasher or start throwing things, thats a different story. This "kid/ Teen fan" ( The guy doesnt look too old to me ) probably called him a pussy while clapping but even then it doesn't justify it. What if this fan is a minor and Rypien hit him?

I do hope the Wild organization comps these guys.